Freedom of speech: honest

At first, some lovers prefer to do without words. Others, on the contrary, carefully to know a new person, asking questions and being interested, it would seem, mere trifles. If a guy is constantly something asks or you want to open, feel free to tell me about the following facts of his biography.

For example, to openly and honestly tell where I studied, work, how much you interested in your field of activity. Such information will demonstrate to you the quality of the business, the desire for independence, desire to be helpful. Passionate about their chosen profession the girl looks successful and happy life. And it really attracts young people.

Also lover boy will be interested to know about the Hobbies of the girl. Tell us about your favorite and most read books now, recently watched movies, or visited exhibitions. If your interests include sports, animals, travel, etc. – discuss them. Be sure to ask reciprocal questions to be aware of the interests of the guy.

If your date is not the first, you can tell the guy about their plans for the future. This needs to be done to understand how it shares your aspirations. Next should be the person in whom you will find support and assistance in any situation.

Don't forget to tell about their relatives. Just be vigilant and don't share too personal information. Remember that someday your kid will get acquainted with this person (mother, father, sister, etc.) and may accidentally indicate the knowledge of unnecessary details. This will be uncomfortable both for you and for your family member.

Filtering is needed

With a loved one wants to talk about anything. This desire is feasible under one condition: if you know how to filter the presented information. This quality will protect your relationship from unnecessary disputes, thoughts and misunderstandings.

The slippery subject in new ways – ex-Boyfriends girlfriend. At some point, your young man will be interested to know their number, characteristics, reasons for separations and other, unneeded facts. The evasion of discussion will come across to bad assumptions, honesty might cause further jealousy.

In this respect boldly to tell the guy you can, for example, about the first kiss. This memory looks romantic and somewhat naive. But to go into the details of the first and subsequent sexual contact or behavior of the former is not worth it, even if the guy is actively interviewing. In the future this information can be used against you.

You should also discuss your existing habits. Today's young people for long-term relationship are more likely to choose girls who do not like night clubs, rarely attending party and not drink alcohol. This behavior is caused by nature: they are intuitively looking for healthy mother for their children. If you like to sit in a smoky café or sipping wine in good company, start from afar. Go ask the guy about his attitude to this pastime and decide what should change: the way of leisure or young person.

Talking with the guy, don't forget about his person. Ask questions, take an interest in Hobbies, work, school, attitude to native people and friends. The main thing with communication: stay positive, good mood and try to be honest.