"I think about you"

Everybody likes to know that he cares about anyone, and the male half of the population in this no less curious and vulnerable than the female. Therefore, in order to make your lover pleased, just let him know that your thoughts are occupied with his person. It can be short "I think of you" or a more detailed message that every minute of your day is accompanied by thoughts about it. You can just say good night or good morning. Having received such SMS, boy to receive a confirmation that you like, and this, in turn, improve the mood and brighten the rest of the day.

The meeting reminder

Let me know your guy, and I miss him and look forward to meeting. Not necessarily directly to speak about what you counting down the seconds until the moment when you see each other again. I can send an unobtrusive reminder of the time such as "Today at 20:00, don't be late" or humorous SMS "For every minute we're late tonight with a kiss". No matter what will be the content of the message – most importantly to your guy realized that meeting him has for you special value.

Thanks for the time spent together

Any guy would be pleased if you thank him for any action or actions, and when the girl says "Thank you" only for the time spent together, it will not leave indifferent any representative of the male sex. Write after a regular visit gratitude in the SMS message, Express how good you were together. For example, "I had a good time with you", "Thank you for tonight, looking forward to the next meeting, Time with you defies reasonable description, it was unbelievable." Don't be afraid to thank when you know in your heart, sincerity is always pleasant.

A Declaration of love

If your relationship has reached the level, when you are ready to confess your love or have already done so, write those three magic words in the SMS message. Even if the guy already knows about your feelings, every reminder of them will please him. Can send a short "I love you", and may resort to the works of poets, send quotes from songs, famous sayings about love. Express your love by all available means, trying to make each of them special, and then your beloved will look forward to the next message.