You will need
  • - information about sessions which are given the basics of journalism;
  • - original created by you and only you, journalistic works;
  • - publications in mass media.
If age allows, enroll in the "School of young journalist", or any other themed club. They often organize the wording of the city and regional mass media, departments of youth Affairs of local administrations. Under the guidance of experienced journalists, the young people from scratch produce their own Newspapers, record audio and videos, create websites. This is a great way to literally and figuratively grow into a good specialist. If you find yourself talented and promising student, you may be invited to work in real adult media.
Enrolled in the faculty of journalism. During the study students receive not only necessary in the profession of knowledge but also acquire useful contacts, they are lighter than people from the street, find a part-time job and internship in the editorial offices. Talented newcomers, the media is taken to the state before graduation.
Write an interesting article and send it to the selected revision. If the material will be good, relevant, literate, unhackneyed, will accept it for publication. So I practice is common in magazines of the Cosmopolitan level, and factory mnoGoSearch. After a successful start to develop in the profession: meet the editor, offer themes that can illuminate, ask a personal task and create quality work.
Being the professional in far from the journalism field, whether it is pharmacy, dog breeding, wood carving etc, have editions of their expert services. In highly specialized and designed for a wide range of readers, the media constantly overlook the materials of doctors, lawyers, teachers, travelers... Maybe the editorial staff have long been looking for such a person. But even if not, your candidacy will be considered after the new useful articles are always needed. If you write well, in this edition will certainly accept and work on other topics, and there to re-qualification into a real journalist in the neighborhood.