Create your own blog, site, page

At first you need to draw attention to his own person. You can pay to self-host your articles, thoughts, facts and observations. It is very important that this information was interesting for a wide circle of readers. Pick a few topics that you could write good articles, and act!

Write articles, reviews, and reviews for various magazines and Newspapers

This is another way to become more popular among journalists. If your name appears on the pages of the most well-known publications, it will be a great step on the path to success. Design and create your own unique style of presentation of information to other people was interesting and entertaining to read your work.

Write about what is happening in the world

Affect the most important and popular information that is at the epicenter of social events. There is a high chance that people will be interested in your opinion and will follow it in your future articles.

Be attentive and inquisitive

Breaking news and sensationalism are the main objectives of the journalist. But to achieve them you need to show your personal interest in this work. If you want to become a journalist, sometimes you will need to change their role to become a detective, a photographer, a reporter. After all, the job of a journalist is not unambiguous!

Be willing to work without respite

You need to learn how to adjust to a heavy work schedule, skillfully manage your time. After all, most often in pursuit of an article the journalist spends a lot of his personal time! But don't forget about family, friends, relatives. They are much more important than any profession!