You will need
  • Green grapes
  • - Turmeric
  • - The flowers of hyacinth
Classic methods of hair removal unnecessary vegetation for a short while. Shaving on the day, waxing unichtojaet hairs for a week, and more expensive procedures - like shugaring - max for a month. There are special tools for slowing down hair growth, so-called inhibitors, they contain turmeric, papain, walnut extract and much more. Contain, of course, and chemical additives. But not so difficult to make these tools at home. They are completely natural. Give a few effective ways.
Take young shoots of green grapes. The juice extracted from these berries, preferably wild, is a natural inhibitor. Gently squeeze the juice and placing it in a small container will do the waxing of the legs. After the procedure, the slurry lubricates the skin. Repeat at each hair. Hair will grow much longer. If the green grapes to get nowhere, you can try the recipe, consisting of more affordable items. Blend the mixture of 5 grams of liquid ammonia, 1, 5 grams of iodine and 5 castor oil. Also add 35 grams of common alcohol. This mixture keeps for much longer vines, so can be done immediately in large proportions. Lubricate it unwanted hairs twice a day. The result will not keep itself waiting long.
Try to stop hair growth in Indian. You need a publicly available spice turmeric. Make it creamy slurry, apply to prodavlivanie legs, cover with cling film. You must keep the mixture for about fifteen minutes. The effect of slower growth of hair and added antiseptic: La Spezia will remove all redness. You can also try to slow the growth of the "flower" method. Take the root of hyacinth, RUB it on a grater into a fine pulp, from the pulp squeeze the juice. Another natural inhibitor is ready! RUB it daily.