The juice of a lemon. You need to lubricate lemon juice the skin after hair removal. Citric acid damages the hair follicles and hair growth stops. Apply lemon juice makes sense for 5 consecutive days after the removal.
Fresh grape juice has an effect similar to the action of lemon juice. Apply on the skin for 5 days after hair removal.
Folk Indian remedy for hair growth and turmeric. Turmeric powder to combine with water to form a slurry. The slurry is applied to selected areas of the skin after epilation. The hair follicles after epilation traumatized and open to the maximum, so the active ingredient of turmeric penetrates into the follicle and cause her damage.

If after the application of a slurry of turmeric to wrap the skin with plastic and let stand 30 minutes, the effect of the weakening of the hair will be more significant.
Fresh seeds of nettle (ripen in July-August) in an amount of 40 g be infused in vegetable oil (100 g) for 6 weeks. Then the oil infusion should drain.

Apply nettle oil 1-2 times daily to areas of skin that you want to completely get rid of hair. And so every day, until the butter end. This process will take about two months. The result of this procedure, the unwanted hair with the big share of probability will be gone forever.