Before resorting to any methods that slow down the growth of hair on face talk to your doctor. Because excessive growth of hair on women's face can be a sign of serious health problems.
So, in order to reduce the on the face growth of hair, eat only healthy food. Experts recommend a diet that contains plenty of fruits and vegetables useful vegetable oil, and lean meat and also suggest drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. With this diet, your weight will decrease or remain at the same level. In turn, the reduction in weight helps to reduce the level of hormones in the body, which are responsible for the growth of hair on the skin.
Drink one Cup of peppermint tea twice a day. It reduces the level of testosterone in your body and thus will contribute to lower growthand hair on the face.
Each day process the surface of the face natural scrub and wipe with a tonic of plant-based. Dermatologists claim that it helps reduce the RMSgrowthü growthand hair.
Mix equal proportions of: turmeric, water and flour of chickpeas to make a fairly thick paste. Apply the mixture on areas of the face where you have to grow hair. When the mask dries, gently remove it from the skin. If you do this mask regularly, the hair on the face will grow much more slowly or even disappear.
Use depilatory creams that are designed specifically for hair removal on the face. Typically, manufacturers produce a variety of creams, which have the property of gradually reducing the growth of hair when used regularly.
Also effective means to reduce the growthand the hair on the face is waxing. It is quite a painful method, but provides enough long-lasting results. When pulling hairs damaged their root, which promotes growthin the most thin and weak hair or partial cessation of growth.