Often the cause growth of hair on the face can be elevated levels of testosterone (male hormones), which can be provoked by diseases of the adrenal glands. As a rule, disruption of the endocrine system, in addition to the appearance of unwanted hair, seen in obesity, high blood pressure. In the presence of such signs should immediately contact the endocrinologist. He will be able to identify the disease and prescribe effective treatment which helps to stop the growth of hair on the face.
Another common reason for increasing the level of male hormones can be gynecological disorders, in particular polycystic ovaries. If you have noticeable hair on the face can also occur menstrual cycle (irregularity, or profusion), then you need to contact your gynecologist.
The active growth of hair on face can be triggered by some medications such as cortisone and prednisone, and other drugs related to corticosteroids. After completion of the medication followed by a decrease in growth of hair on the face.
If doctors have not been established disease, it is likely that growth of hair was the result of a genetic predisposition. In this case, it is necessary to resort to various cosmetic procedures. For example, it is possible to discoloration of hair. For this purpose, a solution of hydrogen peroxide or alcohol pergidrolevaya. With regular use these tools facilitate thinning, fragility and lightness to hair, making them virtually invisible.
You can also use depilatory creams designed specifically for removing hair on the face. Typically, manufacturers produce creams which have the property of gradually slowing the growth of hair with regular use.
Painful, but giving a long lasting effect way to remove and reduce growth of hair is waxing. When pulling out the haircov damaged root, which promotes the growth of thinner and weaker hairor partial cessation of growth. You can resort to the procedure salon – electrolysis, which destroys hairfollicles Anya. To achieve a lasting effect it is necessary monthly to carry out the procedure within a year or two.