You will need
  • - mint,
  • - contraceptives
  • - hormonal preparations.
Often dark hair on the body have brunettes. But this is not unusual - it is nROSTO feature of the body. Most of the Eastern women suffer from this plague, and some carefully hidden by the hair, others are trying to get rid of them. If you notice that the hair began to grow unusually fast, and their structure has changed - they have become thicker and longer, is the place to be violation of hormonal background. In this case, help can only the doctor. In women, this problem may occur with the approach of menopause. During this period, the doctor may recommend hormone replacement therapy. It is necessary for balancing estrogen and testosterone.
Another reason for unexpected hair growth - diet. On a diet a woman's body begins to suppress the ovaries, resulting in the release of the male hormone testosterone, which contributes to increased hair growth on the body.
Doctors recommend the pill, funds to support the work of ovarian and suppression of the male hormone. But in any case can not prescribe treatment itself, it can make things worse. Medications should be prescribed by a doctor, after examining you and taking the necessary tests.
You can try to use cosmetics that reduce the hair growth on the body. They need to be applied after shaving or hair removal. First, the hair growth decreases, they become thinner and become less noticeable. After a few treatments, hair growth is terminated at some time, usually from six months to a year. Further, the procedure should be repeated.
Finally, people's grandma's recipe. Mint tea reduces the level of testosterone in the blood. You can add fresh sprigs of mint and brew a bit of dry grass from a bag. Drink it 2-3 times a day a Cup, if you like, can be more. Really and mint are the contraindications. People with low blood pressure should not drink peppermint tea. Mint also contributes to varicose veins because it reduces the tone of the veins.