The easiest and most popular method is, of course, shaving. Fortunately, the choice of women's razors just huge. The latest models allow you to make the skin perfectly smooth, without causing irritation. However, this method has a major drawback: the very next day would be for re-growing hairkey.
Often still there are cases of occurrence of appreciable irritation even razors from the latest models. In this case, use the tools for hair removal. It can be a cream or spray. Such tools do not injure the skin and act directly on hair, destroying its structure. However, before you need be sure to test for skin reaction, as included in the substances can cause irritation in some people. Selecting means for depilation, prefer creams and sprays for sensitive and very sensitive skin. Their influence anymore, but they have a gentle effect on the skin.
Unfortunately, these methods have no lasting effect because the razor and depilatory means removing only located on the skin surface part of hairand, after which it continues to grow at the same rate. However, a few years ago has become a popular more effective method of removing hair – hair removal. Its essence lies in the removal of vegetation along with the root, so new hairKi appear soon (after 2-4 weeks). For hair removal use special wax or wax strips that you can buy in any store cosmetics.
The most popular are the electric epilator that remove hairs a large number of metal plates acting as tweezers. First time waxing causes is quite painful and discomfort, but eventually the pain becomes almost imperceptible. Perhaps the emergence of such problems as ingrown hairs that look very unaesthetic, so you should regularly (approximately every week) to use a body scrub.