You will need
  • - root, grass, dope, water, vodka;
  • green walnut;
  • - dovolani nettle seeds, vegetable oil;
  • - 0.25 kg of sugar, a quarter of a lemon, water.
The first way
To get rid of hair folk remedies, clean daily body areas with unwanted vegetation decoction or tincture of Datura.
The preparation of the tincture.
Take 0.1 kg of crushed Datura plant (root, herb) and pour half a liter of vodka. Then close tightly and leave for about a month in a dark place. After the last weeks, strain the infusion and lubricate the hairy part of the skin daily for three weeks.
Cooking broth
Crush 150 grams of rhizomes and grass dope, pour a liter of water and simmer on low heat for about quarter of an hour. Removed from the fire infusion should cool and strain. Wipe this infusion the problem areas of the skin once or twice a day for 3 weeks.
The second way
Those who do not know how to get rid of hair permanently, will help the juice of walnuts. It contained iodine inhibits the hair follicle, and hair growth stops.
Wait for green walnuts. Cut in half juice of green walnut lubricate excessively hairy parts of the body. It is better to carry out the procedure after the removal. Typically, after two to three treatments the hair disappear if not forever, then for a long time.
The third way
About 40 grams of fresh nettle seed soaked in 0.1 kg of vegetable oil. The steeping time is about 2 months. Then, the resulting oil mixture is filtered, drained and daily smeared her skin with unwanted hair until the disappearance of excess vegetation.
The fourth way
This method is non-radical. Is home hair removal by using the composition for hair removal.
Take 250 grams of sugar, the juice of ¼ lemon, 2 tablespoons of water. Combine all ingredients and cook on low heat for a few minutes until the mixture thickens and becomes brown. Then cool the caramel, put the strips on problem areas and allowing to harden, quickly remove it.