Advice 1: How to get rid of hair with folk remedies

If on expensive salon treatments hair removal no money; if daily shaving legs causes irritation while wearing short skirts really want to - come to the aid of folk remedies for getting rid of unwanted vegetation on the body.
How to get rid of hair with folk remedies
You will need
  • - root, grass, dope, water, vodka;
  • green walnut;
  • - dovolani nettle seeds, vegetable oil;
  • - 0.25 kg of sugar, a quarter of a lemon, water.
The first way
To get rid of hair folk remedies, clean daily body areas with unwanted vegetation decoction or tincture of Datura.
The preparation of the tincture.
Take 0.1 kg of crushed Datura plant (root, herb) and pour half a liter of vodka. Then close tightly and leave for about a month in a dark place. After the last weeks, strain the infusion and lubricate the hairy part of the skin daily for three weeks.
Cooking broth
Crush 150 grams of rhizomes and grass dope, pour a liter of water and simmer on low heat for about quarter of an hour. Removed from the fire infusion should cool and strain. Wipe this infusion the problem areas of the skin once or twice a day for 3 weeks.
The second way
Those who do not know how to get rid of hair permanently, will help the juice of walnuts. It contained iodine inhibits the hair follicle, and hair growth stops.
Wait for green walnuts. Cut in half juice of green walnut lubricate excessively hairy parts of the body. It is better to carry out the procedure after the removal. Typically, after two to three treatments the hair disappear if not forever, then for a long time.
The third way
About 40 grams of fresh nettle seed soaked in 0.1 kg of vegetable oil. The steeping time is about 2 months. Then, the resulting oil mixture is filtered, drained and daily smeared her skin with unwanted hair until the disappearance of excess vegetation.
The fourth way
This method is non-radical. Is home hair removal by using the composition for hair removal.
Take 250 grams of sugar, the juice of ¼ lemon, 2 tablespoons of water. Combine all ingredients and cook on low heat for a few minutes until the mixture thickens and becomes brown. Then cool the caramel, put the strips on problem areas and allowing to harden, quickly remove it.
Do not use the juice of green walnuts on the face – it contains substances after applying the skin color in a dark color, which is washed off immediately.
Useful advice
To remove unwanted hair on the body better on the waning moon. It is believed that at this time the event to get rid of something unnecessary will definitely be successful.

Advice 2 : How to shave bikini area

The area to shave bikini without irritation simply enough, you only need to know some details.
How to shave bikini area
The problem depilation is relevant to modern women, this is particularly relevant issue in the area of bikiniwhere there is a greater need to do everything safely and efficiently. Shaving is the most affordable way to solve this problem. The hair is not removed permanently, it's simple and inexpensive, you can experiment with different intimate haircuts. After pictures and laser hair removal you won't be able to change it as it is forever. Cream for hair removal most often to remove hair unevenly. Waxing is often too painful, and it requires half an inch of hair.
Take a good unisex reusable machine. It will help to make a complex pattern. Also men's razors more sharp. Machines designed for shaving a woman's legs, there are constraints that have to save the feet from cuts, but closing the review when shaving areas bikini. Purpose machines for the legs is a large smooth surface. You can also connect replacement cartridges from the male machine and a pen from a woman's razor.
Shaving area bikini will fit any penalties or gels that are on sale. It is important that the tool helped good slip, foamed sufficiently and had a neutral smell. Very suitable for this men's shaving gels face. They meet all the requirements, but also for skin care. If we have to do everything in the field, you can use hair conditioner.
Spend shaving on hair growth, this will help avoid cuts, irritation, ingrown hairs.
Shaving area bikini pose important, it depends on the area that will be available to you. Located so that the area of the bikini was flat, straighten, smooth skin in the process. Perhaps you might need to be squatting over a mirror.

Advice 3 : How to remove body hair forever

Ways to remove hair from the body permanently, is very limited. Shaving, chemical depilation, the removal by wax give only a temporary effect. For long-lasting hair removal will have to pay attention to the latest and rather expensive methods – electrolysis and laser hair removal.
How to remove body hair forever
Electrolysis is one of the most effective ways to remove body hair forever. The procedure involves the insertion of a needle or wrap the wiring directly to the hair follicle, after which the electric current burns the hair at the root. Burnt follicle can no longer produce hair. This time-tested method of hair removal. Unlike the laser hair removal procedure is effective regardless of skin color and hair. Everyone can use electrolysis to remove hair on almost any part of the body, including around the eyes and eyebrows areas where laser removal is not applicable.Depending on density of hair, the process takes a long time. This is because each follicle must be exposed. The removal of hair from upper lip, ears and eyebrows takes much less time than the removal of vegetation on the legs and back. Although electrolysis refers to the effective and safe methods, he is able to give some complications: redness, swelling in the field of hair removal. If this procedure makes the layman, infection infection, skin discoloration and scarring.
Another effective way to remove hair for a long time is laser hair removal. Intense light pulses are directed to areas of unwanted hair growth. The light energy penetrates the skin, then absorbed by the melanin. The temperature of follicle increases hair fall off, and the follicle is destroyed. But this method it is possible to remove only those hairwhich are in active phase of its growth, and it is not more than 80 percent of the hair on the skin. All the others, as soon as the body will require additional laser hair removal procedures. Laser radiation is directed on large areas of skin, a certain amount of hair removed from each pulse. Therefore, laser hair removal takes much less time than electrolysis. But it requires additional sessions as "hidden" from the laser exposure 20 percent of your hair continue to grow. Laser hair removal can cause redness and swelling after the procedure. It is not excluded blisters, scars, discoloration of the skin and even its structure.
Home laser hair removal is not as effective as professional electrolysis and laser hair removal professional, but the results it gives. This method of hair removal works on the same principles, and professional techniques, but with the use of household appliances. Laser light energy penetrates the skin to destroy the hair follicle. The number of treatments often exceeds the frequency of professional sessions.
Useful advice
Consider electrolysis instead of laser hair removal if your hair is too thin or light in color. Lasers are better exposed to the dark, wiry hair.

Advice 4 : How to do waxing in bikini area

Waxing the bikini line is an essential procedure for some women, especially in the summer. Others prefer not to touch anything and leave everything intact, but the hair and tend to look out from under the swimsuit. If you want to become for my man attractive, waxing bikini area will be for you interesting and important process.
How to do waxing in bikini area
You will need
  • wax;
  • - strips of fabric;
  • seal;
  • - depilatory cream;
  • - razor.
Waxing, in contrast to other methods of hair removal provides the most lasting effect. This procedure can be done not only in salon but also at home. To do this, take cosmetic wax and heat to the desired temperature, apply a uniform layer on the region of the bikini area. Then cover the wax with strips of fabric, hold the skin with one hand and quick movement remove the strip against the hair growth. Repeat the procedure several times. In this way the skin becomes soft and smooth, for this effect you can endure the pain.
Laser hair removal of the bikini area requires careful and careful attitude, therefore, is solely a specialist in the cabin. Unwanted hair removal by the laser eliminates the harmful effects on the skin. It does not leave any pigmentation spots, scars and burns. During the procedure you will feel only a slight tingling sensation, but the effect lasts up to six years.
Use a typical epilator for hair removal in bikini area. Of course, the procedure is not pleasant, but will have to wait. Wet the groin area after taking a shower. Then disinfect the skin and start waxing. Move the clipper against the hair growth, you can reduce the pain, if the skin a little pull. The effect of this method of hair removal lasts for two weeks.
There are a huge number of creams for hair removal. Chemical substances not only dissolved the visible part of hair, but also affect his neck. With this in place of hair removed do not remain black spots. Apply the cream evenly on the area of the bikini area and leave it on for a certain amount of time (specified in the instructions). Then remove excess cream with fallen away hair with a special spatula.
For mechanical hair removal, many women will use a conventional razor. But this method is ineffective, because after just a couple of days on your cock grows stiff bristles, and we have to resort again to remove it.

Advice 5 : How to get rid of unwanted hair permanently

Beautiful skin without flaws - the best adornment for a woman. Excessive hairs on her quite inappropriately. Modern cosmetology offers many opportunities to rid of unwanted hair for the long term.
How to get rid of unwanted hair permanently
For the removal of unwanted hair, go to the procedure of laser hair removal. In addition to direct removal, it will resolve the issue with the presence of dark hairs. The laser affects the hair follicles, destroying the contained melanin. After the first session it will become noticeable that the hair became paler and thinner. Spend five to six sessions to fully get rid of unwanted vegetation. This negative effect of the laser beam on the skin will be minimal. Damage with this method of hair removal can not be afraid.
Epilation is the least popular method of removing unwanted hair. If you have delicate and sensitive skin, you will appreciate this rather gentle way. It is based on the effects of light on the hair follicle, thus destroys its melanin and follicle. Hair becomes thinner and lighter and, in the end, it just stops growing.
Electrolysis allows you to remove hair from the body permanently, but on the condition that the course brought to an end. The essence of the procedure the influence of high temperature (thermolysis) and electric current (electrolysis) or a combination (blend-epilation). Blend hair removal is most effective: high temperature microburn provides the hair bulb and the electric current promotes the production inside it alkaline, which is detrimental to germ cells.
During the session, the onion introduces a thin needle, which is served momentum, after which the hair is removed with tweezers. The disadvantages of this method include the pain. But given the effectiveness of the procedure, can bear. For complete removal of hair takes 10-15 procedures. To reduce the amount you can initially do 2-3 sessions of hair removal. This will reduce the amount of hair and weaken follicles. But in each case is determined individually, the number of treatments depends on the patient.
You can also use less drastic methods. To remove hair using wax or sugar. The effect of these procedures is rather long. Although scalp and will recover in two to three weeks, but during this time the skin will stay smooth and soft.

Advice 6 : How to make a bikini wax

Nearing beach season, which means it's time to lose weight, buy a swimsuit and to remove all unwanted hair, including in a zone of bikini. Want to do it with the greatest comfort and efficiency? Just choose what suits you.
How to make a bikini wax

Hair removal machine

No matter how scared you are that buzzing device, it should be noted – with the bikini area epilator cope better than any other means. He removes unwanted vegetation very quickly, in addition, is convenient for use on surfaces of any shape. Therefore, if you plan to do hair removal deep bikini – epilator – what you need. By the way, the ingrown hair problem, familiar to many girls, when using the epilator on coarse and stiff hairs bikini is almost not relevant.

It should say that today there are many devices designed to reduce pain during the procedure. For bikini area is not suitable pre-cooling of the skin, as you might catch a cold, but you can take a hot shower to steam the skin immediately before hair removal is very desirable. In addition, choosing the epilator, try to buy a model with a special nozzle that reduces the sensitivity, or one that will work in water.

Sticky and wet

If the pain, buzzing or other subjective reasons does not allow you to use your epilator, try to remove unwanted hairs in the bikini area using wax. The advantages of this method in its quietness and relative painlessness. Many girls noted that the application of warm wax pain almost none. However, for deep bikini method is not very convenient to use – there is a risk to burn the most sensitive or peremejateisa wax, but did not achieve the desired result. Therefore, if you decide to wax, it is better to go to a beauty salon.

Another interesting way of removing unwanted hair, sugaring or sugar hair removal. We should not think that the procedure involves only a visit to the beauty salon to do it, you can independently at home. Technology is to prepare special thick sugar syrup that is used in the same way as the wax it should be applied to the skin and removed together with the hairs. Sugar has an antimicrobial effect and can significantly reduce the painful period after the removal.

Laser hair removal

Today this form of hair removal is considered the most progressive. It almost does not cause discomfort, so the bikini would be just perfect. In addition, hairs grow back after laser very slowly, and in some cases disappear altogether. The only disadvantage of such procedures is the high price.
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