You will need
  • peeling, scrub or a hard sponge;
  • the lidocaine in the form of a spray or solution for injections;
  • - procaine ointment;
  • - a solution of chlorhexidine;
  • - 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide;
  • - lotion that slows hair growth.
Make sure that the length of the hair on your legs at least 5 mm, otherwise the tweezers of the epilator will not be able to capture them.
Prepare the skin of the feet. Remove the dead epidermis layer with peeling, scrub or rough scouring pads. This procedure to perform better, taking a hot shower or bath. The skin is steamed, the cells of the epidermis could be removed, and the hairs pull out when epilating.
Wipe the skin dry. If it is wet, you can get an electric shock.
Position the appliance in the lower part of the Shin perpendicular to the skin and remove the hair in the upward direction, i.e. against their growth. If you go wax my legs from the top down, the hair will not be completely removed.
Try to keep the epilator over the skin slowly, so that the tweezers could capture the hairs. If you run the epilator quickly, the tweezers will pull out only the hair shaft, leaving the root in the hair follicle. After a few days the hair remaining in the skin of the roots will start to grow again.
Do not press on the skin in the epilating head, it will cause irritation.
If you have pain, reduce the speed of rotation of the drum, pull on the skin, do the massage over the site of epilation, or briefly discontinue the procedure. If pain continues, use any anesthetic. It can be lidocaine in the form of a spray or solution for injection, procaine ointment. Anesthetics apply to skin and wait until they are completely dry. Then, resume the hair removal.
After epilation, treat your skin with an antiseptic solution, e.g. chlorhexidine or 3% hydrogen peroxide. This will prevent inflammation and the appearance of ingrown hairs. Apply to the skin lotion that slows hair growth.
Repeat the waxing, once the hair to grow back again to 5 mm. the more you do this procedure, the faster and less painful it will become over time.