Creams for hair removal

Sunscreens today is easy to find. The principle of operation is simple — a special chemical component breaks down the hair protein, which weakens the root of the hair and almost immediately drops out. This procedure is cheap. Its effect lasts no more than 1-2 weeks, but it has certain disadvantages.

So, creams for hair removal cannot be used on body areas with sensitive skin, as chemical components of these funds can cause an allergic reaction.

Razor for back

In sale there are special razors for the back. From usual they differ in that they have a slightly longer handle and wider blade. Other things, many use the usual disposable razor. You will also need shaving cream.

This hair removal procedure on the back is very simple, cheap, but it has significant drawbacks. First is a short effect, and the emergence of new, more rigid hairs just a couple of days. These hairs brings a feeling of discomfort. Burning sensation after shaving also does not add comfort. But the main disadvantage - bristle on the back, which appears a few days after shaving, it looks unsightly.


Hair removal on the back with waxing is also quite effective method. However, the feeling when carrying out this procedure not the most pleasant. To reduce discomfort, usual wax can be replaced by soy, which sticks only to the hairs. It should be applied to the treated skin area, and then attach strips of special material. After a few minutes the wax dries, the strips need to disrupt.

This procedure can last long enough. In addition, it is quite painful. However, the effect is palpable — the problem for 1-1,5 month disappears.

Laser hair removal

This is a relatively new method that allows to destroy the hair root with laser radiation. The follicle remains in place, so the balance after a certain time, will grow again, however, this process takes a lot of time, and provides a long-lasting effect.

This procedure is virtually painless, however its use has some limitations (certain skin). Otherwise, it is quite expensive, but very effective procedure. The effect of it lasts about 6 months.

Hair removal on the back with electrolysis

In this case, special thin needle is inserted into the rod thread. Then the follicle is supplied a pulse that completely destroys the cells of the hair. New on the site will no longer grow.

Separately sessions perform this procedure short. However, it is worth considering that the work is carried out each hair individually, but because the whole process will take a lot of time.

In addition, each session individually inexpensive, but the complex leaves a fairly impressive amount. However, the result is worth it — back hair removed permanently.