The easiest way of getting rid of unwanted hair - shaving razor. One of the advantages of this method are: fast, easy to use, virtually no allergic reactions. The disadvantages include fast growth rate shaved hair, as well as cuts by careless use of the machine.
To get rid of unwanted hair on the legs and help a special cream. Its action is based on chemical dissolution of the hair. Before applying you should apply a little of the cream on a small patch of skin to check for allergies. The cream removes hair for a longer period than the razor. This method is contraindicated for women with sensitive skin, prone to allergic reactions.
For longer lasting effect on the skin, experts suggest to try to remove hair by using wax for hair removal. Hair removal begin to grow within two to three weeks. With regular use of wax to the hair structure is thin, they become less noticeable. The disadvantages of this method is the complexity, the pain, the possibility of strong irritation and ingrown hairs.
Another long-term method is the use of different epilators. Today they are produced in enormous quantity: the ones that work on dry skin, while others combine the functions of epilator and shaver and the latest achievement in the industry of steel epilators that can be used directly in the shower. Advantages when using these devices is the long-term effect of hair removal, thinning hair, possibility of choosing the device that suits you. The disadvantages include relatively high cost, reduced morbidity, the possibility of skin irritation and the occurrence of ingrown hairs.
Long-term hair removal can be done in the beauty salon. Experts will help you choose the procedure that is right for you. It should be noted that especially popular now is laser hair removal. Cosmetologists say that after a few treatments, unwanted hair can be to get rid, if not for life, then for a few years, for sure.
Whichever method of hair removal you choose, don't forget to care for the skin of the feet. If you regularly get rid of hair with wax or epilator, the experts suggest once a week treat your skin with a scrub to prevent ingrown hairs. Any hair removal must be done on clean skin, and after the procedure must be applied on the foot skin softening and nourishing lotions or creams.