What you need for shaving

For gentle hair removal will need a good razor. You can use the razors with replaceable cartridges or select disposable option. Keep blades sharp, this will remove the hair quickly and avoid skin irritation. The best option - modern machines with three or even five blades in one movement removes all unwanted hairs. Do not shave legs dull blades. Change tapes after a few procedures, and do not wipe blades after shaving - they need only to be rinsed off.

Purchase foam or gel for shaving. No matter whether it is special products for women or for men. Some girls think that men's cosmetics shaving more gentle to the skin because it is designed for the face. Try means with the addition of aloe and vitamin E that help protect the skin from irritation.

The purse can be recharged with a soothing after shave balm. Suit and creams that slow down hair growth. They relieve irritation and allow you to shave your legs less often. For disinfection of accidental wounds keep hydrogen peroxide or krovoostanavlivayuschee pencil.

The subtleties of shaving

After shaving the hairs are not ingrown into the skin well treat lower leg rigid sponge and scrub. Use the scrub on the basis of polymer particles of sugar or salt can injure the skin and cause irritation. Apply on feet foam or shaving gel. If you have neither one nor the other, use hair conditioner - razor will glide easily, and the hair removed gently.

Start shaving from the ankles, gradually moving to her knees. Shave against the hair growth, short sliding movements. Proceed with caution especially near the joints - it is particularly frequent cuts. If this happens, stop the blood with hydrogen peroxide.

Treating the front of the shins, walk a razor on the calf area. Pay attention and single hairs on the feet and toes. Constantly rinse the hairs from the blades and from time to time apply small amounts of gel or foam.

When you are finished, thoroughly rinse your feet and Pat them with a soft towel. Do not RUB the skin so as not to cause her irritation. For dry feet apply a moisturizing balm or a tool that slows hair growth. Immediately after shaving do not use a bronzer and apply to the skin alcohol-containing liquid.