Brunettes often suffer from dark hair on the body. They have such a feature of the body. In addition, a large part of the Eastern women affected by this scourge. Many girls just trying to keep the hair on the legs, while others strive hard from them to get rid of. However, it sometimes happens that the increased hairiness indicates a different kind of hormonal diseases. Therefore, if you notice that the feet unusually quickly began to grow hair, they become longer and thicker, then you will be able to help a doctor. This problem usually occurs as you approach menopause. Specialist in this case can recommend an effective hormone therapy, which helps to equalize the balance between testosterone and estrogen.
Another common cause of an intensive hair growth on the legs is diet. When a woman's body is on a diet, he suppresses the ovaries. As a result, large quantities of ejected the male hormone testosterone. He, in turn, leads to increased hair growth. In this case, doctors can prescribe the use of any contraceptives. They are able to suppress the male hormone and to support the work of the ovaries. But the self to do is strictly prohibited. So you could make things worse.
To reduce hair growth on legs try to use any cosmetics. To apply them on the skin immediately after shaving. At first, hair growth is significantly reduced, in addition, they will become less noticeable. After four-six treatments for a period of six months to a year the hair will stop growing altogether. Further, the procedure should be repeated.
To lower the level of testosterone in the blood will help mint tea. Drink it one Cup 2-3 times a day. Can be more, if it will be of your liking. However, mint has its contraindications. It is not recommended to drink to people with varicose veins and low blood pressure.