Whether or not to wash trainers in a washing machine?

Modern models of sneakers are often Duo rubber soles and foam mixture, with the addition of natural/artificial leather or other fabric component that covers the shoes outside. In this regard, there is some risk.

First of all, you should bear in mind that washing in the machine can lead to the fact that running shoes lose their original appearance. In addition, they can simply fall apart, and then they'll have to go. This is especially true of cheap, low-quality shoes.

On top of that, many manufacturers of running shoes and appliances claim to wash these shoes is unacceptable. However, as practice shows, this method is quite common and quite effective.

Training sneakers to washing

Inspect your sneakers. If they are glued elements shoes are best washed by hand, as the probability that after washing these items will be detached. In addition, you should not machine wash these sneakers, in which parts are made of PU or genuine leather. However, most modern sneakers are made of synthetic materials capable of withstanding multiple washings.

So, thoroughly wash the sole and the top running shoes from dust, gum, dirt, or stones. When injected into the washing machine they can clog. Cleaning can be easy and quick if you pre-soak the sneakers in warm water.

Then unlace the shoes. Wash the laces by hand, because they can also get into the drum machine and bring it down. Insole should be taken out. They can also be put in the washing machine, so they better stretched. The same must be done with sneakers, if you decide to wash it.

Wash sneakers in the machine

Place the prepared running shoes in a special bag for washing shoes. In the drum of the washing machine, put one or two pairs of shoes, not more. Use liquid detergent for washing, it dissolves better and leaves no residue. You can also add a small amount to keep the color or bleach.

Washing temperature should be no higher than 30-40°C. If the water is too hot, the shoes can fall apart. Preferably select delicate washing. If there is a pressing and drying mode, it is better to disable, otherwise athletic shoes may be deformed.

Sneakers drying after washing

After you have finished washing sneakers should be dried. For this it is convenient to use white paper towels or napkins. Soaked their shoes, remove excess moisture.

Then a dry piece of towel stick to the inside of the Shoe to the shape of the Shoe preserved. Newspapers for this purpose it is better not to use because the ink would stain the shoes inside. Put shoes the shoes to dry naturally at room temperature, away from heating devices.

If you for some reason are afraid to wash athletic shoes in the washing machine (there is leather items, there is no delicate washing), you will have to clean shoes by hand. Rinsing sneakers from dirt, carefully wash them with a sponge and soap, rinse well. Then put out to dry as described above.