There are a few rules to care for clothing made from nylon. In particular, it is necessary
wash separately, avoiding mixing with other types of fabric.
Use bleach and cleaning products containing no chlorine.
Do not leave items of nylon in the washing machine after washing, get them after it stops.
Try to avoid prolonged washing.
Do not use automatic dryer in which the nylon can usesthe.
Made of white nylon wash separately from other items, otherwise they will get a gray shade.
To whiten nylon, add in the Laundry room to the powder bleach, which includes the sodium perborate.
The nylon wash in tepid water. Add washing powder or detergent, is able to soften the water. At the end, always rinse product made of nylon and hang it over the bath. Wait until the water is completely drained, then lay the whole fabric in white fabric for drying.
In order to soften the tone of nylon fabrics during washing will podsinee water. It will also allow you to get rid of a grayish or yellowish hue of the product. This can be done in the following way: dilute in water the starch in the proportions of 15 grams per 1 liter.
During washing of articles of nylon must be aware of their basic properties. In particular, it is not only lightweight but also quite durable, elastic material. It is easy to wash and dries very quickly. In addition, the nylon retains its shape, does not stretch, and therefore can serve for a long time. In the list of advantages of nylon include the ability to maintain the required temperature, its flexibility and ease of use.