Advice 1: How to wash converse

Converse sneakers – a very popular form of footwear. Chucks are comfortable, beautiful and durable. But the shoes tends to get dirty – in the case of the textile sneakers sooner or later the question arises about the wash. How to wash converse, not to spoil them?
How to wash converse


Can I wash converse in a washing machine

Washable chucks both manually and in a washing machine. Oddly, the second method not only saves manpower, but also makes it easier to keep shoes: hand-washing sneakers they are often long soak with detergent in warm water, with the result that the chucks can fade.

However, if you wash Converse sneakers in the washing machine, observing all safety precautions, the shoes don't lose their quality, will retain their color and not deformed.

Как стирать белые конверсы

Training sneakers wash in the washing machine

Before washing you need to take out the insole and to unlace converse – laces and insoles are washed separately, otherwise the insole may warp, and the lace at the points of contact with metal grommets – rust.

After that you should clean the shoes from contamination: thoroughly wash the sole with a slightly damp sponge or soft clothes brush to clean dirt from the fabric top.

To wash the sneakers Converse better by placing them in a special net bag for washing. As a substitute of a bag you can use a pillowcase.

Laces better separately hand-washing – when machine washing them can tighten the drum, resulting in breakage of the washing machine. But if the converse is erased in a bag – shoelace can be folded several times to be tied up and put in a bag.

When washing the sneakers, you can add in the drum of the washing machine some small textile things – this will soften the inevitable blows on the soles of the drum.

How to wash Converse in a washing machine

Wash the converse on any program of short wash. But it is better to choose a program for delicate washing drum in this case, will rotate more smoothly. Shoes should be washed at low temperatures of 30-40oC. Colored converse should be washed at 30 degrees, otherwise they may shed. White sneakers can be washed at 40oC.

For washing colored chucks in the washing machine better to use special powders that are marked as "Color" or shampoos for washing colored fabrics. White chucks washable universal powder, white. If the sneakers is very dirty – can be added to detergent oxygen bleach or optical. Bleaches containing chlorine, for washing you can't use the converse shoes can turn yellow.

Sneakers normally wash no spin. But sometimes (for example, if there is no time for long drying) you can use a mild spin of 600 revolutions.

Dry your converse in the washing machine it is impossible – the hot air will lead to deformation of shoes. For the same reason it is impossible to dry them on the radiator or the heater. It is best to dry sneakers on the air, but not in the open sun (it is fraught with burnout). A warm, ventilated place in the shade – perfect. When drying you can stuff the shoes with white paper or paper towels, crumpled into lumps.

Как постирать конверсы

How to wash converse manually

If you decided to wash Converse sneakers hand – before washing, they also need to unlace, remove the insole and as should be clear from contamination.

Then in a small bowl, dissolve in a glass of room temperature water a teaspoon of powder or liquid detergent and lather. Wet the shoes with cool water and with a sponge or a soft brush liberally apply soap suds. Leave for 10-15 minutes.

After that, pour in a bowl of water at room temperature, place the shoes with a brush or sponge visivite soapy water, changing the water in the basin as needed. After completion of the procedure how should rinse the sneakers under running cool water.


Advice 2: How to wash sneakers

Most of today's youth prefer to wear cloth sneakers, they are the most comfortable to wear. But shoes, like other footwear, are exposed to different contaminants, so they need to be cleaned. Not every shoes can be washed, but to wash gym shoes can. For this you need to consider a few subtleties.
How to wash sneakers
The easiest way to wash your favorite sneakers in a washing automatic machine. The only requirement is that the quality of the shoes must be good, Chinese one-day sneakers after such an ordeal would fall apart without waiting for the rinse mode. Before washing you need to clean the shoes from dirt and pieces of debris stuck in the outsole. Insoles and laces can be washed manually, but it is not necessary.
Put the sneakers into the drum of the washing machine, pour in the compartment for detergent a small amount of powder (otherwise it will be a lot of foam and shoes will be divorce). If your favorite sneakers in white, you can safely add washing powder with whitening effect.
Can be purchased at a hardware store, a special bag designed for washing shoes. Put delicate mode of washing, water temperature should not exceed forty degrees. Together with sneakers you can put unnecessary cloth or small rug, it will help not only to reduce the noise from the beating of the Shoe, but also significantly improve the quality of the wash.
After the washing process is completed, remove the sneakers and tight stuff them with newspaper or other paper to periodically change when wet. Leave to dry in natural conditions, away from heaters, as the shoes under the influence of hot air can deform.
If you are not at risk to wash sneakers in a automatic car, you can do with your hands. To do this, remove the insoles and laces, wash them separately with soap. Clean the soles from dust and debris. Pour into a basin of warm water and add detergent, put the shoes and leave for a while to soak. To clean up the pollution with a rag of shoes (especially if she is white), use a soft brush or sponge. Thoroughly wash inner and outer of the Shoe. Then rinse thoroughly in warm water and gently press. Dry the above-described method.

Advice 3: How to manually erase

Despite the fact that the washer is firmly established in the everyday life of modern man, often for one reason or another have to wash by hand. Some knowledge of the rules of this process will allow to achieve the desired result and make your job easier.
How to manually erase
You will need
  • - basin, tub, bath;
  • - washing powder;
  • - powder amplifier;
  • - bleach;
  • water;
  • is a special detergent.
Sort linen. Recommended to wash products made with white fabric and then colored.
Fill the tub (bath or basin) of the required amount of warm or hot water. The temperature depends on the products that you wash. Usually it is indicated on the label clothes. In addition, modern powders can be washed at low temperatures. For example, if you wash silk at 60 degrees, the fabric will shrink, and the product will become unusable.
Pour in the water washing powder for hand wash and rinse it dissolve. If the Laundry is heavily soiled, add the booster powder or bleach. The amount of these funds depends on the type of fabric, degree of pollution, water temperature indicated on the package.
For always stains on colored clothes, use special tools, observing instruction. In addition, the modern market offers a large range of concentrates for color fabrics during wash.
Put in the water linen if you need to soak it for 1-2 hours. After a time, begin to wash the product with your hands, paying special attention to the most contaminated sites. Washed linen press and put in a bowl.
Rinse the clothing under running water or in the bath. If you chose the latter, the procedure is carried out at least 3 times. After the last rinsing water should be clean, free of impurities.
Pressed linen will hang to dry, pre-wiping the rope (wire) wet rag.
For the prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system experts recommend washing underwear soap.
Useful advice
White bed linens can be podsiniy and starch.

Advice 4: What to wear with converse

Being the kind of women's sneakers, converse do not lose their popularity for several decades. Some designers even consider them classics, and many fashionable women prefer their other shoes. Chucks provide comfort during long walks and is nice to combine with other things wardrobe.
What to wear with converse

The combination of chucks with jeans

Best sneakers-converse combined with clothes of sports style. A great option is the combination of these shoes with jeans. Converse will look great in addition to skinny jeans whistles, hat and leather shoulder bag. This option requires the selection of the top of the wardrobe in accordance with the color of the Shoe. Stylish and relaxed look is a perfect complement for original sunglasses.

Chucks complete with cropped jeans make your look sophisticated. With long and wide jeans will only see the toes of converse. You can wear them with worn jeans, in this case, you create the grunge (way old school). This option is good for everyday use.

To create a stylish gangster image wearing chucks with baggy jeans. Look particularly impressive red jeans tucked into chucks. While the shoes needs to be carefully laced.

Converse and shorts – playful ensemble

Chucks are perfectly blended with shorts. The main thing – to choose the most harmonious ensemble. For example with sneakers-converse look great cropped shorts denim. Especially effective is such a combination, if the shoes are laced with bright colored laces.

Do not wear long shorts with sneakers-converse, the shoes look only short patterns.

Converse as an element of feminine look

It is not necessary to focus on sports or men's images, choosing women's shoes-chucks. This stylish and comfortable the shoes looks great with skirts. Stylists recommend to combine with the chucks not only skirt sports areas, but also romantic skirts-packs. The way to be particularly stylish if you combine it with solid color top and bright and original bag.

Some particularly brave person combine converse chucks with short Flirty dresses. This set looks very original, especially if the dress and shoes is designed in one color.

Thanks to its fashionable shoes-converse, your way will not be only stylish, but also original. The extraordinary diversity of bright colors, this Shoe will help any girl to create your own unique image. And the advice of stylists give you the opportunity to demonstrate your keen sense of style. And even if you are a supporter of classical fashion trends, women's shoes will perfectly complement your wardrobe. Indeed, any walk will be much more pleasant if you are comfortable and shoes.

Advice 5: How to distinguish the real from the fake converse

Sneakers Converse (converse) have long won popularity among today's youth, due to its quality, convenience and practicality. Buying real chucks, you can be sure that they will last a long time without losing its appearance. However, at present the market is flooded with fakes that do not differ a special quality. Of course, no one wants to overpay when purchasing a low-quality thing that is the same durability. How to distinguish an original from a fake chucks?
How to distinguish the real from the fake converse

First and foremost, when choosing sneakers, you should pay attention to the quality of processing of edges, in particular, the "tongue" of the Shoe. If you can see the original Converse sneakers, the stitches will be smooth, and the threads laid neat stitches. But counterfeits often from seams threads sticking out, and the seams are simply "move out".

Real chucks on the inside "tongue" must be the label with the size. If you purchased the original Converse sneakers, then after a vreya will notice that even after long wear shoes, the tag inside it will not crack or fade, while the original converse letters and numbers on the label printed plain font, but fakes they are usually marked with bright colors.

Another distinguishing feature of the original converse – high-quality insoles that do not crawl on a separate thread even after prolonged wear. Fakes can't be proud of it.

Another way to distinguish between these chucks is to look at the quality of their soles. The original Converse Shoe it has a smooth color of brown and practically is not erased even after prolonged wear. The fakes after a short socks sole begins to fade and shedding, and a layer of brown paint emerges the usual black rubber.

Note the words "ALL STAR", which should be located on the sole. The letters must be efficiently and reliably adhered, of course, if you can see the original converse, the counterfeiting of the label may be not only bad, but also glued crooked.

Another effective way to distinguish the original converse from a fake is to check the label that should be placed on the inner side of the Shoe. If you are real converse label on them will be securely soldered and will not come off over time, fake sneakers, this label stuck, and often the edge you can see the drops of hardened glue.

Knowing these simple methods, you will easily be able to distinguish the real from the fake chucks.

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