If a colored material is subjected to further processing, improving its strength, the white skin is vulnerable because of its softness. It is therefore necessary carefully to clean white leather sneakers and to create favorable storage conditions.

The solution to common problems

You want to protect sneaker white skin not only from pollution but also from damage. On a Shoe visible the slightest scratch, dash, leave his or someone else's soles. In addition, the white skin with improper care is quickly becoming gray or yellowish.

First, white sneakers you need to allocate a separate shelf, brush or sponge. Second, they need to be well dried before you clean the Cabinet. Finally, for protection from scratches best way to pack sneakers in a bag.

Together with white shoes is to buy a special soft cloth or rubberized sponge, and foam detergent. This tool not only removes dust from the surface, but deeper contamination.

Removal of local spots folk ways

In addition to the required washing after each wear, you need to clean white leather sneakers with the use of folk remedies. Products that are in the refrigerator or the medicine Cabinet in each family, will help to preserve the original appearance of the Shoe.

One proven means is the milk with the egg. Whisk one protein in the foam, adding 100 ml of milk at room temperature. Wipe clean with a part of the sneakers made of white leather, with special attention to the spots.

You can also use toothpaste or powder with bleaching particles. You just need to apply them on the stain and RUB hard with a toothbrush. This tool is fully capable to replace the baking soda with a drop of lemon juice diluted with water. The rest of the powder is necessary to clean with a damp cloth.

To refresh color white leather shoes, you should use lemon juice. Fresh juice to be diluted with water in equal proportions, then apply on a cotton pad and carefully handle the entire surface of the Shoe. Then a good rinse shoes to citric acid didn't eat through the skin.

Care of shoes of white leather and suede can be provided by using 3-5% hydrogen peroxide, nail Polish remover or a bleaching soap, diluted in water. All of these products help keep white color leather sneaker.

After washing you need to handle the shoes with a mixture of glycerin and nourishing cream to the skin does not dry prematurely. And to eliminate scratches is to use a special paint on the adhesive base.