Advice 1: How to clean white leather sneakers

White sneakers are already constructed in the category of timeless classic sports fashion. But the downside, of course, is impractical. To ensure the sneakers longevity and to preserve their original appearance, should take special care shoes in white leather.
How to clean white leather sneakers
If a colored material is subjected to further processing, improving its strength, the white skin is vulnerable because of its softness. It is therefore necessary carefully to clean white leather sneakers and to create favorable storage conditions.

The solution to common problems

You want to protect sneaker white skin not only from pollution but also from damage. On a Shoe visible the slightest scratch, dash, leave his or someone else's soles. In addition, the white skin with improper care is quickly becoming gray or yellowish.

First, white sneakers you need to allocate a separate shelf, brush or sponge. Second, they need to be well dried before you clean the Cabinet. Finally, for protection from scratches best way to pack sneakers in a bag.

Together with white shoes is to buy a special soft cloth or rubberized sponge, and foam detergent. This tool not only removes dust from the surface, but deeper contamination.

Removal of local spots folk ways

In addition to the required washing after each wear, you need to clean white leather sneakers with the use of folk remedies. Products that are in the refrigerator or the medicine Cabinet in each family, will help to preserve the original appearance of the Shoe.

One proven means is the milk with the egg. Whisk one protein in the foam, adding 100 ml of milk at room temperature. Wipe clean with a part of the sneakers made of white leather, with special attention to the spots.

You can also use toothpaste or powder with bleaching particles. You just need to apply them on the stain and RUB hard with a toothbrush. This tool is fully capable to replace the baking soda with a drop of lemon juice diluted with water. The rest of the powder is necessary to clean with a damp cloth.

To refresh color white leather shoes, you should use lemon juice. Fresh juice to be diluted with water in equal proportions, then apply on a cotton pad and carefully handle the entire surface of the Shoe. Then a good rinse shoes to citric acid didn't eat through the skin.

Care of shoes of white leather and suede can be provided by using 3-5% hydrogen peroxide, nail Polish remover or a bleaching soap, diluted in water. All of these products help keep white color leather sneaker.

After washing you need to handle the shoes with a mixture of glycerin and nourishing cream to the skin does not dry prematurely. And to eliminate scratches is to use a special paint on the adhesive base.

Advice 2: How to whiten shoes

Sneakers are the most popular sports shoes among today's youth. A variety of models, a huge selection of colors, stylish appearance, convenience and a great combination with almost any clothes are the main qualities of this Shoe. However, the owners of sneakers are faced with certain difficulties. The main problem is the permanent contamination of the shoes. But to return to the original white.
How to whiten shoes
You will need
  • - a basin with warm water;
  • - toothpaste and an old toothbrush;
  • soft cloth;
  • - oxygen bleach;
  • - baking soda;
  • powder;
  • - liquid varnish remover.
Wash sneakers from dirt and dust in a basin with warm water. Be cautious and careful, especially if your shoes are not stitched. Preferably inside the shoes are not wet. After this kind of five-minute wash, wipe the shoes with a dry towel. If all contamination was removed, you can not continue the cleaning Shoe. Otherwise, you will have a hard job.
Apply brush toothpaste and gently, gently, brush the shoes from ingrained dirt which is not removed with washing. The convenient use of a toothbrush is its size and ability to penetrate all the hard to reach dirty parts of your shoes. Then a wet rag wipe off remaining toothpaste with sneakers.
You can use regular powder. Apply a small on a damp cloth, and within a few minutes quick movements clean sneakers. Rinse the powder with water. The powder is suitable and ordinary baking soda, which is also able to whiten a little ashen shoes.
If all else fails, use any oxygen bleach. Mix it in correct proportions with water and soak in a solution of a rag. Then wipe shoes. If you use liquid detergent, you can not dilute it, as the sneakers are made of fairly durable material, to damage them you should not.
Wet soapy sponge to wipe the laces, or just wash them. To clean the sole, apply to the cloth a small amount of liquid nail Polish remover and RUB of dirt. Then completely dry sneakers. To restore the Shine on the shoes, apply white or colorless cream.

Advice 3: How to clean white shoes

Shoes white popular among fashionistas-not only in summer but in the cold season. But the light color makes it more susceptible to the effects of weather: sleet, rain and the dusty streets are able to turn the most beautiful shoes in the nondescript tattered shoes. Regular Shoe care will not be difficult, despite the easily soiled color, these shoes can last for years if it is cleaned at the slightest pollution.
How to clean white shoes
You will need
  • soft rag or sponge;
  • - foam detergent for cleaning shoes;
  • - crepe Shoe brush;
  • - one raw egg;
  • - 0.5 Cup of milk;
  • petrol and a little magnesia;
  • - for suede – a glass of warm water, hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.
Clean shoes from street dirt. Do this every time you come into the room. Depending on the material from which made shoes, do one of the following:
for smooth skin use a soft cloth, it should be dry. Apply the foamy detergent on the rag, it will help keep the color of the shoes in the cleaning process;
- brushed white leather clean with a crepe brush, it will keep the texture of the fabric. If the brushes are not at hand will be, use the eraser for leather or a special sponge.
- white shoes of natural or embossed leather clean only by special means with special sponges for a textured surface;
- if shoes are suede, brush it over steam brush, specially provided for this material.
First try to clean the shoes gentle method, prepare a mixture for purification of natural products. Highlight of raw eggs protein shake and mix it with half glass of milk. The resulting mixture was put on a soft sponge and gentle circular movements wipe the surface of the product. In addition to cleaning, this procedure will keep for a long time the white color of the Shoe.
For removing old or stubborn stains, use gasoline. Pour a small amount into a separate container and add some powder magnesia. Dampen a soft cloth in the solution and wipe the shoes. If the stain is ingrained in the suede surface, mix one glass of warm water with one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and the same amount of ammonia. Clean the shoes, soak a cotton wool in this solution and gently clean the shoes. When the surface is dry, lift the pile eraser for suede.
Do not use for cleaning white shoes bleach or other strong chemical agents. It may irreversibly change the color of the Shoe and remove some of the white paint from the surface.
Useful advice
Don't leave dirty white shoes for a long time. Remove ingrained in the fabric dirt will be harder than fresh. Buy and always carry a tool to clean white shoes in a compact package, and if the Shoe is very comfortable in bad weather, clean it as soon as will be able to stay long in the room.

Advice 4: How to clean sneakers

Despite the fact that running shoes are sports shoes, they are very love not just in professional athletes. Probably hard to find someone that didn't have at least one pair of sneakers. Care of sneakers depends, primarily, from what material they are made. How to clean sneakers?
How to clean sneakers
You will need
  • - old toothbrush;
  • - soap solution;
  • - cleaning of suede, leather and nubuck;
  • newspaper;
  • brush
Gently rinse the dirt from the soles of sneakers. To remove clogged the foot of the small stones and debris, you can use an old toothbrush.
Leather sneakersTreat the soiled areas with a damp sponge with the addition of a special shampoo for the skin. If this shampoo wasn't - you can use a mild soap solution.Never wash leather shoes in a washing machine. Do not use products that contain bleach.Dry the shoes at room temperature. Apply a colourless product to care for leather goods.
Sneakers are made of synthetic materialisation clean the dirt with a soft sponge. Heavily soiled shoes can be washed in warm water with soap. To remove stubborn dirt use a soft brush. Thoroughly rinse and dry the shoes.
Sneakers will extravasate sneakers and remove dirt with a soft brush. Wash the shoes by hand in warm water using soap solution. Rinse thoroughly.To remove stains you can use special stain removers or gasoline.Do not wash running shoes they textile materials in the washing machine and do not use chlorine bleaches. Dry shoes at room temperature and treat with water-repellent preparations.
Sneakers nuuktal dry the shoes and remove any dirt and dust with a special brush. Gently RUB the space pollution stone for suede or treat cleaner. Let sneakers dry. Again, treat the shoes with a brush, moving it in one direction.When cleaning nubuck shoes to use water is not recommended - you can ruin the material. Once a month treat sneakers special conformal tool.
No matter what material is made your sneakers, be sure to dry them after each use. To do this, pull the laces and the footbed is of course, if it was not glued. The maximum pull the "tongue" sneakers out. Stuff the shoes with Newspapers - they will absorb moisture and help keep the shape. Leave to dry at room temperature.It is not recommended to place shoes in the vicinity of the heaters or use a Hairdryer for drying.Regularly use a special deodorant for shoes - they will prevent bacteria and odor.

Advice 5: How to dry sneakers

When the slush, the rains, the shoes often get wet. And do not always have the opportunity every day to change shoes, sometimes you have to come up with ways to quickly bring them into the desired form. To dry shoes must be carefully to keep it in good condition.
How to dry sneakers
Sneakers can be of different quality. Some can be subjected to washing. If after a rain sneakers wet or dirty, they can be wash in machine or by hands to remove all the dirt. But only drying in the washing machine contraindications, this feature must be disable because the material may dry unevenly, which will lead to damage of a material.
Before you dry the shoes, remove the insole. It can be done not in every running shoes if the insole is separate, then remove it and put it on the battery. Material of insole is not afraid of differences of temperatures, does not warp from heat. And if necessary, can be replaced.
Themselves better running shoes to dry in room temperature, where there is good ventilation. Would be perfect for that balcony. In this sneakers, you need to fully unlace the laces to dry separately. You can also use a special dryer: this is a special mount on the wall, on which hung the shoes soles up. Thus it is better ventilated.
For drying the shoes now sell a dedicated device. They work from the AC outlet. Each sneaker inserts special equipment, which heats up, which makes it easy to evaporate the moisture. Sometimes these devices have a disinfecting effect, and is suitable for those who have sweaty feet. Regular usage of such cars are not only dry, but will remove the unpleasant smell of shoes.
The easiest way to dry shoes is to stuff them with paper. It is best to use toilet paper or newspaper. They will absorb excess water. Firmly tamp each Shoe and leave for 2-3 hours at room temperature, then remove the paper and tamp again and again wait for 2 hours. After that the shoes will be completely dry.
If the shoes need to dry in the field, will need a fire. Find small pebbles, place them in the fire to heat them. Then put them in the boot. The action will be similar to the dryer, only without electricity. However, when placing stones from the fire into the shoes, it can get dirty. So wrap the stones with a cloth or paper. Usually for full drying it is necessary to lay the cobblestones a few times.
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