After buying a new pair of leather sneakers, be sure to treat with water-repellent remedy. Periodically repeat this procedure, apply on thoroughly cleansed from dirt shoes.

If you have soiled sneakers, first remove the laces, and then clean the product from the dry dirt. Next, sneakers should be washed so that the inside of the Shoe is not exposed to water. Most dirt usually accumulates on the tread of the sole, so give this area more attention. To cope with the extract from the sole of the debris you will help an old toothbrush.

From ingrained dirt from the surface of the leather shoes can be removed with toothpaste. For this purpose, you will need a very small amount of paste, or during cleaning you will create too much foam, and this will significantly reduce the effectiveness of this procedure.

Severely contaminated the surface of the sneaker, which defies conventional water purification requires applying with a sponge, special shampoo intended for cleaning the skin. To replace this shampoo can ordinary soap solution.

If you want to whiten running shoes, using a brush, brush them with toothpaste with lemon juice. At the final stage, wipe shoes with a damp cloth. And, of course, don't forget about laces that need to be washed. Badly worn shoelaces are best replaced.

Next, dry the shoes at room temperature. To sneakers can keep its original shape, stuff the shoes with newspaper or paper that will absorb moisture.