You will need
  • - Protective coating
  • soap,
  • - toothpaste or soda,
  • - old toothbrush,
  • - lemon,
  • - cotton pads
  • - tooth powder.
Immediately after you have purchased sneakers, you need to take care of the protective coating, which can be purchased at almost every Shoe store (wax, oil, silicone spray). In addition, each type of material requires its own type of coverage. Apply it to clean your shoes before going out. This tool will protect your new shoes from water and dirt.
Do not succumb to the propaganda and try to wash sneakers in the basin or in the washing machine. Wash them in cool water, using ordinary soap or any liquid detergent. In any case, do not dry sneakers in the dryer of the washing machine, if you certainly do not want to lose its original shape and wrinkle. Shoes nylon you need to wipe with a damp cloth and from time to time apply silicone spray to the surface.
If white sneakers made of natural materials formed a spot, it can be easily removed. For this you will need one of the following means: it can be white toothpaste with whitening effect or paste made from baking soda and water. Take an old toothbrush and gently RUB one of the above means to a place of pollution. It remains only to rinse shoes with clean water or wipe with a damp cloth.
If you are the owner of white sneakers made of leather, then you come to the aid of the lemon. It will refresh the appearance of soiled shoes. To do this, squeeze a small amount of lemon juice and mix with the same volume of water. Soak cotton pad in this and wipe the part of the sneakers, it remains only to dry them in a natural way, without the help of a heater and battery.
If once white sneakers had lost their appearance and color is not a problem, it can be dealt with. To start, thoroughly wash the sneakers, remove all dirt and dust, paying particular attention to the soles. After they dry, you can proceed to the second stage. Take a tooth powder and an old toothbrush to apply it on problem areas sneakers, dust pollution technical movements. Then left, rinse the shoes with clean water, if the result does not satisfy you, repeat the procedure. If Shoe won't do, replace them with new ones, they will give sneakers a new and fresh look.