Before you start the washing sort the linen according to the degree of contamination, and white and color. Dusty things shake, and the dried mud brush.
Be sure to check the pockets of clothes that are going to wash. Fasten all buttons and the locks so they are not detached and not broken, ribbons and laces tie. The very thing turn inside out. Keep in mind that the metal buttons in the washing process can oxidize the fabric, leaving her spot. If you are confident in the successful outcome of the procedure, fight back buttons.
If you are used to soak things before washing, remember that to do it more than 8 hours is not recommended. Coloreds do not soak more than 1 hour.
Your chosen washing powder should be hypoallergenic and also correspond to the type of washing (automatic or manual), the type of fabric and color products (for white or colored things).
Linen and cotton can be washed any powder, both manually and in the car. Wool and knitted things by hand only, otherwise, the first matted, and the second will appear pellets. For washing silk and synthetic clothes use specifically designed for these materials the powder. Things of nylon wash at a temperature not exceeding 50 degrees, and things from acetate fiber – not more than 40.
Underwear made of silk, lace and synthetics wash by hand using liquid detergent, penetrating deeply into the fabric structure and is not accumulated into its folds. Cotton underwear wash in the machine.
Terry things for a long time are soft and pleasant to the touch, if you'd dunk them in hot water with vinegar in the ratio of 2:1 to 10 hours, and then wash and boil in salted water.
Denim clothes and jackets and coats made of synthetic fabric coated wash at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees.