Advice 1: How to wash microfiber

Open in Japan microfiber is a material having characteristics which has found wide application in humans. Caring for the microfiber, it is important to know its basic properties.
How to wash microfiber
Please note that the feedstock for the production of microfiber is oil, so the origin of all materials microfiber is completely natural. It was first produced in the country of the rising sun with the use of modern chemical technology. Microfiber consists of a very thin microfibers of polyamide with a diameter of only 0.06 mm. With its unique properties, it has found wide application in daily life of man.
Remember that with proper care, microfiber products keep their shape well, do not crumple, not electrified. The term of service under intensive use is from 2 to 5 years, and the maximum number of washes varies from 200 to 500 depending on the selected temperature.
Erasing microfiber, try to keep the texture of the fabric. It is very velvety and soft to the touch, absorbs moisture but also easily and gives unlike cotton fabrics that stay more wet after spin. In addition, the fabric is resistant to chemical and light exposure, do not shed, does not roll, has a high strength.
Wash microfiber products separately from your other lingerie or manually, especially if you are not sure of the durability of the colors of colored things. Try not to use cleaning agents containing aggressive substances, bleaches and conditioners.
Products made of polyamide fibers wash by hand or in the washing machine in warm water of 40-60oC. As a rule, higher temperatures are used in medical clinics and agencies to ensure maximum disinfection. At home a good disinfecting effect is achieved by the use of some essential oils. Use mild detergents and shampoos, which quickly removes even heavy soiling.
To ensure maximum long service life of textiles and clothing microfiber, remember that it dries quickly, especially when of loose texture. Drying in the washing machine on hot and the battery is not acceptable.

Advice 2: How to wash work clothes

Modern fabrics used for work clothes, significantly increase the duration of its wear. The lifetime of the upper working clothes, made of fabrics, impregnated, can be up to 1-2 years. Especially, if to remove impurities from it to use chemical cleaning. But cotton clothing, both upper and heave down, allowed to wash at home.
How to wash work clothes
You will need
  • - Laundry soap;
  • - washing powder;
  • - turpentine;
  • - alkali;
  • - a solution of soda;
  • - contactor;
  • - soda ash;
Before washing work clothes at home, especially if the pollution is significant, soak it for several hours in a liquid solution of soap or washing powder is highly active. To remove dark stains, use turpentine or grate soap.
Cotton clothesif it is very dirty, before washing can be boiled. Put it in hot water with washing powder and continue to boil, stirring constantly. To enhance the effect in the water, you can add the alkali solution at the rate of 1% of the weight of work clothing dry.
Washes pollution solution of sodium hydroxide, which can be added to boiling water at the rate of 2-3 grams per 1 liter of water. It is only good for boiling extra strong and coarse cloth made of cotton. Boil the working clothes in the soda can for about an hour, stirring constantly, to not burnt. This method can clean almost any spot.
If there is no soda, work clothes can be washed contactelor is a product of oil refining that acts very gentle and does not destroy fabric. Also use it when boiling by adding 1 tablespoon per 10 liters of water. To reinforce the action contactel, you can use soda ash, which is added in 3 teaspoons for the same amount of water.
After boiling the clothes should be rinsed, then proceed directly to the wash.
Dissolve in very hot water with soap and soda. Soap can be grated. Add a solution of washing powder. Take a brush and carefully apply the places which still have traces of dirt. Wash clothes by hand or in the washing machine using mode for heavily soiled items.
Rinse and wring the working clothes. Unfold it and hang to dry. You can use the hangers that the clothes were drying evenly. To restore the properties of the upper cotton clothing after drying, use special tools that will enhance its acid and water resistance.

Advice 3: How to wash in the washing machine LG

Washing machine Korean concern LG long enough presented in the Russian market. The company is known for using in their design technology of the latest generations. The combination of modern design, reliability and reasonable prices - a good reason for the popularity of LG home appliances.

How to wash in the washing machine LG
Sort linen by color and degree of contamination. Carefully study the composition of the tissues. It is necessary to look at the labels that are sewn into the side seam of the garment. They contain the material type and washing conditions. Be sure to follow the manufacturers ' instructions.
Use a gel or powder recommended for the automatic washing and having the corresponding mark on the label. Universal detergents usually contain bleach. Therefore, it is recommended to select compounds specifically designed for the type of fabric you are going to wash. Exactly follow the recommended dosage of detergent.
Weigh linen and load it into the tank of the washing machine. Never exceed the maximum load. With a small amount of dirty Laundry, it is recommended to use the program half load - this will reduce cycle time and save electricity.
When you load lightly soiled linen should not use a prewash. Rejection this feature will help reduce the consumption of water and electricity.
Select the wash cycle. In addition to the basic modes of washing, such as "cotton", "synthetics", "wool", "gentle wash" and "hand wash", new models of washing machines LG is equipped with a number of additional programs.
New technology "6 movements of care" used in the "Cotton eco" is well suited to lightly soiled whites and colored fabrics. In this case the full cycle and energy costs noticeably reduced.
The cycle of "Daily wash" is recommended for the care of clothing made of synthetic fabrics. "Silent wash" is perfect for use at night, when lower tariffs for electricity.

Advice 4: How to wash sneakers in the washing machine

Sneakers - athletic shoes, which is often used for everyday wear. They are comfortable for a gym, regular walks, they go to work and to the Institute. But because this Shoe over time does not need regular washing with a sponge, but in a real washing. So, how to wash sneakers in the washing machine and you can do it.
How to wash sneakers in the washing machine

Whether or not to wash trainers in a washing machine?

Modern models of sneakers are often Duo rubber soles and foam mixture, with the addition of natural/artificial leather or other fabric component that covers the shoes outside. In this regard, there is some risk.

First of all, you should bear in mind that washing in the machine can lead to the fact that running shoes lose their original appearance. In addition, they can simply fall apart, and then they'll have to go. This is especially true of cheap, low-quality shoes.

On top of that, many manufacturers of running shoes and appliances claim to wash these shoes is unacceptable. However, as practice shows, this method is quite common and quite effective.

Training sneakers to washing

Inspect your sneakers. If they are glued elements shoes are best washed by hand, as the probability that after washing these items will be detached. In addition, you should not machine wash these sneakers, in which parts are made of PU or genuine leather. However, most modern sneakers are made of synthetic materials capable of withstanding multiple washings.

So, thoroughly wash the sole and the top running shoes from dust, gum, dirt, or stones. When injected into the washing machine they can clog. Cleaning can be easy and quick if you pre-soak the sneakers in warm water.

Then unlace the shoes. Wash the laces by hand, because they can also get into the drum machine and bring it down. Insole should be taken out. They can also be put in the washing machine, so they better stretched. The same must be done with sneakers, if you decide to wash it.

Wash sneakers in the machine

Place the prepared running shoes in a special bag for washing shoes. In the drum of the washing machine, put one or two pairs of shoes, not more. Use liquid detergent for washing, it dissolves better and leaves no residue. You can also add a small amount to keep the color or bleach.

Washing temperature should be no higher than 30-40°C. If the water is too hot, the shoes can fall apart. Preferably select delicate washing. If there is a pressing and drying mode, it is better to disable, otherwise athletic shoes may be deformed.

Sneakers drying after washing

After you have finished washing sneakers should be dried. For this it is convenient to use white paper towels or napkins. Soaked their shoes, remove excess moisture.

Then a dry piece of towel stick to the inside of the Shoe to the shape of the Shoe preserved. Newspapers for this purpose it is better not to use because the ink would stain the shoes inside. Put shoes the shoes to dry naturally at room temperature, away from heating devices.

If you for some reason are afraid to wash athletic shoes in the washing machine (there is leather items, there is no delicate washing), you will have to clean shoes by hand. Rinsing sneakers from dirt, carefully wash them with a sponge and soap, rinse well. Then put out to dry as described above.

Advice 5: How to wash tulle in the washing machine

Generation of Housewives erase the fine lace curtains only by hand – the washing machines activator type could permanently ruin the fabric. However, modern automatic machines are much gentler against fabric that allows you to erase the tulle in the washing machine without risk. The main thing – to observe the rules of washing.
How to wash tulle in the washing machine


General rules wash tulle

Tulle requires delicate care – even if we are talking about cheap nylon net curtains. This fabric does not tolerate exposure to high temperatures – too hot water or iron can cause yellowing of the fabric. So the tulle washed in lukewarm water and try not to stroke.

While curtains do not require intensive washing of the contamination well enough away from the fabric, especially if you do not "start" the process. Lace curtains should be washed every 3-4 months – in this case, to maintain their whiteness will simply. But if we are talking about the kitchen curtains if the Windows face a road with heavy traffic, or if family members are allergic to dust – the frequency of washings it is better to increase.

Since curtains usually collects dust before washing the tulle, it is desirable to shake out on the balcony or on the street. In this case, the wash will be more effective.

How to wash tulle in the washing machine: load, temperature and modes of washing

Before laying the drum tulle have neatly folded – if you load the fabric in Smeaton, after washing there will be creases. If we are talking about the muslin, Voile, organza with fine embroidery and other more delicate fabrics, it is best to place neatly folded the curtains into a special net bag for washing does not affect the washing, but it will save fabric.

Стирка тюля в машинке

Tulle wash in the delicate washing is at a temperature of 30 ° and no spin. During this washing drum of the machine rotates more smoothly, and the washing occurs when a large amount of water – this allows you to minimize the risk of damage to delicate fabrics. You can wash lace curtains on the modes for silk and wool – they are the most gentle.

Loading the machine detergent, be Thrifty. In most cases, the hostess poured the powder or pour the shampoo wash generously, from the heart. In the case of the washable tulle this can lead to excessive foaming, especially if the Laundry is sent to the mesh fabric. So refer to the manufacturer's recommended dosage and because the fabric is lightweight and machine works with partial loads, – reduce the dose in half.

When washing curtains , it is desirable to use an additional rinse cycle: remains of detergents also lead to premature yellowing of the fabric.

After the end of the wash cycle it is necessary to remove the tulle from the machine to drain the water and not pressing, to hang on the ledge. If the shower curtain surround – you can gently squeeze her hand, very lightly, without twisting.

Once dry, the fabric lies flat under its own weight. Iron the tulle only in the most extreme cases, and very carefully – this also leads to yellowing of the fabric.

What detergent tulle is better to use

Чем стирать тюль

Wash the tulle in the washing machine using various detergents, both specialized and General purpose. This:

  • special detergents for washing net curtains and other curtainsthat can be purchased in the shops of household chemicals. They are very effective, coping very well with pollution, bleached fabric and slightly podgruntovyvajut. However, they are not very common and therefore are not always on sale, and their cost is very high. Such funds it makes sense to buy, if we are talking about expensive and thin curtains that require special care.
  • shampoo for washing delicate fabrics. They spare fabric, designed to wash at low temperatures and easily opolaskivaetsya.
  • means for washing children's things. They are particularly effective when washing white net curtains and have a good bleaching effect.
  • conventional washing powders can also be used to wash the tulle, particularly when talking about the mesh or nylon cheap organza. Powders should be selected in accordance with the color of the fabric, using the painted curtains of funds for colored fabrics; particularly cautious about the dosage of powder to eliminate excessive foam and don't forget the extra rinse.

How to whiten tulle in the washing machine

A regular gentle wash is compliance with the basic rules, a thorough opolaskivaniem and the lack of detrimental effects of high temperatures allows you to forget about manipulation for the whitening of yellow or gray tulle – after all the Laundry in the washing machine more efficient manual.

Как отбелить тюль в стиральной машине

However, if you want to whiten your tulle – you can do it in the washing machine. The key success factor here will be the right choice bleaches. In the bleaching of tulle do not use products containing chlorine– this will destroy the fabric. Therefore, for curtains it is necessary to choose:

  • oxygen bleaches. They are quite expensive, but versatile, suitable for colored and for white and in marked whitening effect does not destroy the tissue structure. Another advantage of oxygen bleach is that they are effective for low-temperature washing.
  • optical bleaches. They visually lighten the fabric due to the particles settling on the fabric – and it allows you to return fabric whiteness. However, it is better to use them only for pure white drapery, or the appearance of the curtains might get hurt.

Optical and oxygen bleaching agents are suitable for washing in washing machines. You can add them to the washing powder, if you want to increase the effect of washing. If we are talking about severely yellowed curtains – you can use a pre-wash or soaking.

If you are afraid to use bleach to wash the tulle in the washing machine – you can use home remedies. Tulle is often bleached using salt – so you can fall asleep in the compartment for detergent a couple tablespoons of regular table salt and use it as a bleaching agent to wash. To enhance the effect, you can add a small amount of powder.


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