The black sea coast of Krasnodar territory is decorated with the popular resort town of Adler. Who at least once visited this wonderful place, I would not trade it for a vacation abroad. To relax in the gentle subtropical climate Adler, don't have to go far from home, to issue the passports, enough to buy a plane ticket, the train and the city of eternal summer and entertainment will provide you the best places to stay.

A journey into the depths of the ocean

Gem is the aquarium of enormous size, which is the Resort town of Adler. Every visitor here given the opportunity to visit the center of the underwater world, where an atmosphere of relaxation. Traveling through the tunnel, which has transparent walls and ceiling, visitors will see the amazing shapes, sizes, and colors of marine life. Some of them are residents of the old sunken ship and carefully guarded chests of gold. All this splendor can be admired for hours, mostly in the aquarium like to relax children.

Exciting vacation at the water Park

Lovers of active rest to visit water Park "amfibius" - the place where fun takes time. It is in the Central part of the Resort town. To ride a roller coaster with a height of 15 m, only the most daring. Twists gutters the flow of water with great speed rushing down, causing a storm of emotions among the participants of the ride. In the Park there are 16 slides of different heights and difficulty levels.

Dolphins invite

To see shows featuring dolphins, white whales, walruses, seals and sea lions can be on the scene of the marine Park "Aquatoria", which is the pride of Adler. Within a few hours these intelligent marine animals show their artistic abilities, while no one in the audience does not remain indifferent, and the time flies by.

The History Of Adler

About the Adler district you can learn quite a lot of interesting things when visiting a calm, quiet place - Museum of history. This monument, Dating back over a hundred years ago, it presents exhibits of culture and everyday life, archaeological sites. The guide will tell you where they found the prehistoric man, what peoples inhabited the area in antiquity and as developed in resorts Adler.

A walk in the bamboo grove

Exclusive collection of subtropical plants from all over the world, more than 1000 species you can see in the Park "Southern culture", located on the outskirts of Adler. Strolling along the shady paths among the cypresses, palms, magnolias, orchids have direct access to the bamboo grove that stretches for miles. Located in the Park ponds, are striking in their beauty. Not less beautiful and rare southern plants.