You will need
  • card Adler;
  • - the funds.
Going on vacation in Adler, decide where you will stay for accommodation. If you want to have a good time, but also to improve your health – buy a ticket at one of the resorts. In other cases, you will be able to stay at one of the hotels, hotel, rent an apartment or room. It is advisable to take care of this in advance then do not have to pay for rental housing after your arrival in Adler.
Start your tour of the resort and visit the local history Museum of the Adler district. Here you will learn about the history of the Adler, you'll see exhibits on the development of the district. Can learn about ancient peoples living in this territory, as well as on the participation of adlertag in the Second World war.
Stroll through the numerous paths of the Park "Southern culture". Enjoy the amazing vegetation, brought from different corners of the world: New Zealand, China, Japan, North and South America, Africa and many others. The Park has a magnificent rose garden, a collection of flowering bushes and shrubs – rhododendrons, bamboo grove.
You will long remember a visit to the Dolphinarium and Oceanarium. The first building will be able to see the performance of sea mammals: dolphins, sea lions, and after the presentation to take photos with them. The aquarium will amaze you with its surroundings. Here you will discover the secrets of the deep sea, watch the animal feeding and walk through the glass tunnel under the layer of water in which swim the inhabitants of the aquarium.
Have fun in the monkey nursery. Funny monkeys build faces and beg visitors sweets and bananas. They will tell you a lot about the life of primates, about their preparation for their flight into space, show animals who have made great contributions to the development of science.
You will not regret if you visit the water Park "amfibius". Here guests can choose from a large number of attractions that will appeal not only to children but also for adults. This entertainment complex provides almost everything you need for a good rest: cafes, shops, photo lab, medical center, etc. Here you can come for the whole day and get a lot of impressions and positive emotions.