Abkhazia, the ancient Colchis, at all times attracted tourists fragrant air, filled with the light sea breeze. Stay in this Paradise gives energy, strength, has a rejuvenating effect on state of mind and body.


Miraculous Spa treatments, an abundance of mineral springs, which have a beneficial effect on the body, the beautiful beaches of Gagra attract tourists on par with a calm and warm sea, gentle sun. Do not give bored rich excursion programs, Hiking. Possible independent local attractions. There are many interesting: seaside Park with exotic plants, monuments of Old Gagra, the legendary restaurant Garapich.

Outside the city you will meet the incredible scenic beauty of the gorges, waterfalls, rivers, lakes. Subequatorial Gagra is one of the most favourable resorts of Abkhazia. The beach season lasts long enough - from mid-spring to late autumn. Clean and uncrowded beaches, peaceful atmosphere, while noisy evening clubs and family hotels.


Pitsunda is located in three kilometers from Gagra. Today it is a quiet urban village with pebbly beaches and gorgeous greenery. Protected by mountains Pitsunda not blow out cold winds and avoided the bad weather.

This resort is suitable for relaxing family holiday and is famous for its mild climate and good ecology. The sea here is clean and clear. The city is full of architectural monuments and interesting recreation for those who enjoy history and archaeological details. Pine trees, boxwood and cypress alley fill the air with fragrance and create coolness for tourists.

New Athos

New Athos - a popular Paradise for most tourists. The city is located along the coastal strip, beaches, mostly pebble, it is possible to quickly exit from any area of the city. The number of monuments per capita here is almost the same as in Athens. Historical buildings border the natural landscape of unearthly beauty.

This town is located twenty kilometers from the capital of Abkhazia – Sukhumi, and is unmatched in comfort and beauty of nature. This is a real floristic reserve. Above the town rises the picturesque peaks of the Caucasian mountains. Here are the landmarks of global significance: one of the largest caves in the world - the new Athos monastery, ruins of ancient Anakopia fortress on the Iberian mountain.