Vacation the wife was two weeks, so I decided to go for 11 days. The trip takes two days. The total time along the road is 15 days. Left Sunday morning and just managed to get back to the wife were able to go to work.

In the total holiday cost will need to include the cost of preparing for the trip. The cost of the suitcase, clothes, medicines, some equipment and sundries. The total cost was about 10,000 rubles. The family consists of 4 people, two adults and two children (10 years and 5 years).

Decided to get the train. Bought 3 adult tickets and 1 child. The total cost of travel to Adler and back amounted to 20,000 rubles. This is the most inexpensive way, however, it is not easy, because two days in second-class carriage and without air conditioning not everyone wants to go. July 1 arrived at the Adler. On July 11, had tickets back.

Decided to live in the private sector, in a private guest house. The location was good and inexpensive. Distance to sea 1 km, 10 min by foot. No noise from roadway, railway and airport was not. The room rate for 4 persons - 1400 rubles per day. In 11 days it turns 15400 rubles. The room had TV, fridge, air conditioning, toilet and shower. On the first floor was the dining room.

Bathed every day. The children squealed with delight. The sea is clean, no dirt and no smells. All beaches are shingle. Water in the morning clear.

The biggest expenditure was on food. The cost of the dinner amounted to 800 rubles. A day of food spent about 2000 rubles. This amount includes: ice cream for 40 rubles, water for 80 rubles per 0.5 liter. Only 22000 rubles for 11 days. Ate in different places, the prices differ, but not so much. Most importantly, the eating place was not very far. It is very convenient as it saves time on moving into the dining room and back. So we ate on the first floor of the guest house.

The main expense that will in any case include the cost of travel, accommodation and meals. It's mandatory spending. Include the cost of entertainment and excursions.

Money on vacation, you can spend a lot. Everything with them is easy to spend. A lot of entertainment and temptations, all I want to try, see and everywhere to go. If you do not control costs, then all the money you will spend.

Loved the Dolphin. The ticket price of 500 rubles. For 4 persons is 2000 rubles.

The ticket price to the aquarium is 500 rubles, for a total of 2000 rubles.

A ticket to the Sochi circus is 800 rubles, for a family of 3200 rubles.

Went to the Adler in the movie "transformers 4" in 3D. The ticket costs 300 rubles.

In the water Park went before leaving, so as not to scorch. Entrance for adults is 800 rubles, 400 rubles for children from 3 to 7 years.

Went to the Olympic Park and Krasnaya Polyana. On the tour spent 4000 rubles.

Park Riviera in Sochi spent about 2000 rubles.

Total expenditures on entertainment are 17,300 rubles.

During the holidays we bought different things and different things. Before leaving I bought a lot of Souvenirs and gifts. And you had to buy food for two days. It spent about 5000 rubles.

Total spending on recreation has amounted to 89700 rubles.

My family enjoyed the stay in Adler. Liked it very much. Does not regret the money spent. If we choose place, we are going to the Adler.