Advice 1: What is the weather in Abkhazia in July

For several years now, after Russia had recognized the independence of the Republic of Abkhazia, its borders were opened to Russian citizens who wish to spend their vacation here. Of course, most of them planning a trip for the summer, for example, in July, to guarantee the bright sun and warm sea. But not less comfortable to stay in Abkhazia will be other months.
What is the weather in Abkhazia in July

Holidays in Abkhazia

In the days of the Soviet Union in the pensions and resorts of Gagra and Pitsunda, which was considered an all-Union health resorts, a mere mortal could only get in the offseason, from November to February. It really is a Paradise with its magnificent nature attracted to rest the party elite and nomenclature. Now to come to Abkhazia to rest anyone.

Someone's coming according to the permits issued through travel agencies, some people prefer to rent an apartment on arrival or agreed with the owners in advance via the Internet. But wherever you are settled, warm and gentle sea will be there and Sunny days will last for the entire holiday period. All cities and large settlements of Abkhazia is located primarily on the coast, along which there is a busy highway Adler-Sukhumi.

Rest in Abkhazia – is not only lying on the beach and evening meal in cafe, but also excursions to interesting places with a long history. Abkhazia was an enclave of Christian Byzantium, so many historical monuments connected with the history of Christianity. Next to the famous new Athos monastery is the temple of the Canaanite Simenon, built in the V century, and in the town of Kamana is a temple, which houses the sarcophagus of St. John Chrysostom, who was exiled there from Constantinople. You are waiting for hot springs and beautiful mountain lakes, Pitsunda temple, where concerts of organ music.
The "hottest" city of Abkhazia – Gagra, the resort has an average July temperature of 26.5 OS.

Weather in Abkhazia

Bad weather with winds, mists and rains happen in Abkhazia only from November to February all other times the sun is guaranteed. The sea, however, is heated only by the end of may, but September and October are still swimming season. In July on the coast, it begins heat, which many of the humidity to tolerate hard. But, if you rent a room in a boarding house, all rooms are equipped with air conditioning. On the coast the heat facilitates a constant breeze which is full of marine coolness and flavor.
The water temperature in the sea off the coast of Abkhazia in July in the beginning of the month 23 ° C, and the end is already can reach 25C.

For July the average temperature is +25 ° C, but you should be aware that in the territory of the Republic there are several climatic zones – from subtropics to high altitude, so if you will relax on the coast, expect that the day will be not less than 30 ° C, but in the morning – only 22-25C. Rain at this time almost never happens.

Advice 2: How best to rest in Abkhazia

Abkhazia, with its beaches, clean sea and a huge number of attractions is a true "tasty morsel" for Russian tourists. In addition to visiting the country it is not necessary to have a passport and to carry out flight.
How best to rest in Abkhazia

What city is best to choose to stay in Abkhazia?

A significant part of the Russians visiting Abkhazia with or without children, do not want to make long journeys and stop at two cities close to the border with Russia – Pitsunda and Gagra. Besides, there is a very strange opinion about that in the summer the sea is clean only on their beaches that is completely untrue.

A large crowd of tourists in recent years have transformed these two cities are in fact copies of Adler, Sochi and other tourist sites on the territory of Russia, where the beach is literally no room to swing fall. In Pitsunda and Gagra is almost impossible to feel the flavor of this country with its semi-wild landscapes, unique architecture and many others.

If you want to really relax from the noise and DIN, go at least to New Athos or to the capital of Abkhazia Sukhum. First, a relatively small city, perfect for the older generation with its ancient monastery and numerous churches, and one for families with children, couples and companies.

How to best organize your holiday in Abkhazia?

The best hotels of Sukhum are located in the heart of the old city Viva hotel Maria, located on the picturesque promenade Hotel Sukhum Hotel Inter-Sukhum. In addition to excellent service, their great advantage is the beautiful views of the black sea, as well as the proximity to the main attractions of the Abkhazian capital. Of course, these Central hotels are not cheap, so you can look quite a comfortable place in a small boarding-houses or private hotels. In the small town of New Athos you can also find the optimal place of residence, consistent with the size of the purse, holiday-maker and his preferences.

Not far behind the hotel industry of Abkhazia and the industry of catering. For example, on the territory of Sukhum has one of the oldest restaurants in the city, "Nartaa", whose owners for many decades to preserve the traditions of cooking. Also great to eat in the restaurant "Amra", a comfortable cafe in the hotel "Aytar" in a "Pacha Gum", located in the Abkhaz capital.

On the seafront next to the resort. there are numerous travel companies. Here it is possible to buy guided tours to the Blue lake, lake Ritsa, to the Holy sites of New Athos Pitsunda in reserve, to Excommu waterfall and many other attractions. Individual agencies also organize visits to more remote places – dead city Tkuarchal, lake Amtkel, Bedia temple, and gather a group for rafting on the river Kodor. The latest versions are more suitable for families without small children, as the road to it will take up to 5 hours on the mountain and a very bumpy road.
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