Country Paradise resorts and unique nature

Cozy location, subtropical climate, comfortable hotels and resorts, magnificent resorts and unique natural landscape attracts tourists from many European countries to Abkhazia. Given the popularity, many operators are willing to cooperate with the resorts of Abkhazia and offer an inexpensive and exciting tours.

In Abkhazia a lot of interesting places, where you can spend the summer vacation. Only 25 kilometers of road along the sea coast from Adler airport, and before the eyes of tourists appears genuine pearl of Abkhazia – Gagra. This unique Spa resort is located in a picturesque place at the foot of forested mountain slopes, which covers a large sea Bay. The evergreen mountain slopes are famous and comfortable resorts and sanatoriums such as "Moscow", "Caucasus", "Sunny" and many others. To services of tourists are comfortable rooms which are equipped with all necessary for rest things. Around the residential buildings in the caring hands of people created fabulous green areas, real masterpieces of landscape design.

20 kilometers from Gagra along the coast is another corner of Paradise – the resort city of Pitsunda. On the beach here is a whole resort complex – the Association of boarding houses "Pitsunda". Around the hotel complex a forest green conifer plantations, salubrious climate which even in the summer heat retains the invigorating coolness. Thanks to a quiet Bay, the coast is always calm and the water crystal clear. A few kilometers from the center of Pitsunda is a well-known rest house "Kudra". This complex is located on the beach, has its own equipped pebble beach, sports and children's Playground. Each camper can take part in bus excursions, visiting famous places. Be sure to visit the unique mountain lake Ritsa, which is a real gem of Abkhazia.

Healing country

In Abkhazia literally every inch of ground and every breath of air impregnated with medicinal effect on humans. Clean mountain air, salty sea water and thermal mineral springs the most favorable impact on people's health. In this small state is not less than 100 mineral and thermal springs, is located around the capital of Abkhazia – Sukhum ancient. Here a large number of resorts and spas, where customers can enjoy mineral water "Aadhar".