Advice 1: Where to rest in the summer cheaply

Summer is vacation time. And even the crisis did not prevent people to think about the long-awaited vacation. Alas, the rise of the dollar and the Euro changed the plans of many Russians. And now holidaymakers are mostly thinking about where to rest in the summer cheaply. Such a possibility certainly exists.
Where to rest in the summer cheaply


Where to rest cheaply in Russia

If, when deciding about where to go to relax, you want to reduce costs, better to stay on holiday in Russia. Of course, to buy a ticket to a sanatorium or to stay in hotels – not the best option for budget travelers. The fare may be higher than the price of burning tours to Egypt and Bulgaria.

But if you dare to travel the savage, unable to save properly. In the most advantageous position will be the owners of their own cars. If the machine is full, the gasoline will be cheaper than a train ticket or a plane for each tour participant.

Fans of sunbathing and swimming can enjoy on the Black or Azov sea in Crimea, Sochi, resorts of Krasnodar region. Download in the trunk tent, build a route, search for a decent camping – and forward. Prefer a morecheap holidays? In Central Russia there are beautiful lakes like Seliger, or Valdai. The natural beauty here is not worse than the South, and money spend much less.

Many scenic places are on the banks of the Volga and other Russian rivers. Can become an unforgettable holiday on lake Baikal or in Karelia. However, this is far from the Central regions of Russia, but the scenery would be unreal.

Also we should not forget about the tourism tour. Russia has such a rich history, many architectural monuments and other attractions, especially in the European part. You can go to an independenttour of the Golden ringor visit other ancient cities – there is something to see.

Holiday abroad

Surprisingly, there are still inexpensive to rest on the sea, buying a ticket abroad. Only permit this should be so-called "burning". Often large tour operators, who buy places in hotels and tickets in advance, in large quantities, do not sell all. So they are a few days before the departure date throw out on the market hot deals.

If you keep a finger on the pulse and not to put in the forefront the question of where to rest, and to focus only on price, you can buy a ticket to Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and Bulgaria for ridiculous money. It is best to subscribe to updates of such popular resources as Chip-chip or trip the-top. There are specially monitored last minute all tour operators. And sometimes the tours are sold at prices a little over 100 dollars.

Advice 2 : How to have a rest on the Seliger summer

The Seliger is considered to be the system of lakes in the Tver and Novgorod regions, formed by melting glaciers. The water in lake Seliger is very clear, visibility reaches five meters. The place is suitable for fishing: about 30 species of fish live in this pond. Rest on lake Seliger in the summer on a specially equipped base, and in the camp.
How to have a rest on the Seliger summer
You will need
  • - the car;
  • tent;
  • - a fishing permit;
  • - fishing tackle;
  • - camping equipment;
  • - insect repellent.
For a civilized vacation on lake Seliger in the summer, clear the house or room in numerous recreation. They have a developed infrastructure, the possibility to arrange excursions in various directions (e.g., to the Holy Okovetskiy key or Nilova deserts). Best proved in the admission of guests the club hotel "Vershina seligera" camping "Trail," the boarding house "Sokol", Dom priemov khizhina.
If you are a lover of "wild" holiday, can independently discover the beauty of lake Seliger. It is necessary to book a place in the camp, to collect fishing tackle and send in the path. The option of hanging out on lake Seliger in the summer will allow you to truly relax from the stone of the urban jungle and feel at one with nature.
Select a camping place of their own. Just be sure to remember that during the holiday season fertile ground for "wild" holiday becomes very small, on the coast of Seliger with redoubled speed increase temporary houses of those who like to spend time alone with a fishing rod. Try not to set up a tent in the woods: there you are trapped by hordes of mosquitoes, ant hills and termite mounds. Also in early summer beware of ticks.
Close to the water is also better not to be, the same insects will not give to relax. The best place to pitch a tent – the edge of the forest, in close proximity to any tree which its shade will protect your house from overheating. Carefully inspect the place before installation. It must be flat, dry and without holes, which can collect rainwater. Under the tent lay a "carpet" of leaves or a special litter – so you're guaranteed to keep yourself from the cold night air.
Fishing on lake Seliger get a special permit. You can get it from the employees of the fishery on the lake. The cost varies depending on the place chosen for fishing. If you have stayed in one of the holiday Homes, you will be offered a special fishing event, a special permit for which you are required.
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