Symbolic meaning

In medieval symbolism, the crown meant a direct relationship to the ruling family. It is often portrayed in knight's flags and emblems. Tattoo with the image of the corona can be viewed as a type of elite tattoo, which is designed to emphasize a person's position in society.

A more subtle interpretation of this symbol depends on the location of tattoo on the body and the accompanying images. For example, if the pattern is applied over the heart, this tattoo symbolizes good luck.

Celtic bracelet — the characteristic image containing the heart, crown and two hands that support them means the Union of love (the heart), loyalty (crown) and friendship (hands). This symbol is becoming an increasingly popular motif for tattoos.
Girls often choose non-traditional image of a crown to emphasize their superiority over others or just to stand out. Any special meaning of such tattoo usually carries.

If the crown is accompanied by some other symbol, this usually indicates its importance. In many religions and cultures, the crown is considered a symbol of divinity. So, in Christianity, a well-known crown of Mary Magdalene, in the Greek, pagan mythology there is a Laurel wreath of Apollo, which also is essentially a crown, and in Korean tradition, crowned turtle symbolizes longevity and peace of mind.

In General terms, the tattoo of a crown suggests that the man seeks power, wants to emphasize its importance, to make himself more important than he is. Paradoxically, such a tattoo can speak of the romance of its owner, striving to return to the good old times. It all depends on the style image of this symbol and place of its application.

The crown in the criminal tattoo

You need to consider that the image of a crown is often used in criminal tattoo, it is of special importance in the criminal world.

The crown in the criminal tattoo speaks about a high authority of its carrier in the area. It is often an indication of a particularly serious crime convicts, the unwillingness to improve. We can say that the crown in the criminal tattoo is a symbol of hatred for the order.

The crown placed over him, a flurry of rings on a snake, is an attribute of the kingpin. Crowned tiger with a skull in his paws, is distinguished by Gopnik and symbolizes the propensity for violence. The crown, placed on the back of the prisoner, is a sign of humiliation.