Advice 1: What does a tattoo - a Scorpion on the shoulder

The art of tattooing is known for thousands of years. People decorated the body with various drawings, trying to Express his feelings, attitude towards life, belonging to certain sects or groups. Tattoos are very popular and now each of them has its own value.
What does a tattoo - a Scorpion on the shoulder

Scorpio is one of the most popular symbols for tattoos in the countries whose residents they encounter it in the wild. The peoples of the Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia used the image of Scorpio as to protect from evil spirits and from himself.

Scorpio's power lies in his duality. Small, imperceptible, but extremely dangerous, he may seem harmless and peaceful, but at the decisive moment, defending or attacking, ready to demonstrate its formidable weapon.

In many cultures the Scorpion is a symbol of death, pain, danger, and hatred. In the 80-90-ies of the last century, the image of the Scorpion was a military tattoo, it was the people who served in hot spots. Raised the stinger and open the claws symbolized the struggle to the last breath.

The Bible presents a comparison between the Scorpion and poisonous demonic powers. In Buddhism the symbolism of Scorpio symbolized reconciliation. In Tibet its image on the weapon used as a protective amulet.

Tattoo with the image of Scorpio often make people born under this zodiac constellation. It is believed that this sign endows those born from 24.10 22.11 difficult for the uncompromising character, fortitude and great sexuality as a dancing Scorpions in mating season very erotic.

There is positive and meaning tattoo with the image of a Scorpion. It is based on the use of toxic substances of the animal to humans. In ancient Egypt revered the goddess of Scorpions Selket, which was patronized by the doctors. The Mayans the Scorpion was associated with surgery because of its ability to enter the victim into a state of stupor. In the Western and Northern parts of Africa the Scorpion venom used as medicine.

In summary, we can conclude that the tattoo of a Scorpion symbolizes danger, hatred, pain and death, the power of the devil, jealousy and anger, battle and victory, reconciliation, eroticism and sexuality, salvation, or the origin of life, exotic preferences and duality.

On the significance of the tattoo also judged by its color and style. Usually Scorpion tattoo is done in gray and black color. The animal most often depicted as lurking in the water, in rosebud, on the stone. Even a simple tattoo with a Scorpion fascinates, attracts the eye and a bit of scares, creating a feeling of something exotic, dangerous and forbidden.

Using an unusual design and a more vivid color tattoo can create the effect of otherworldliness and unreality, giving it a value associated with numerous legends. Qualitatively made a colored tattoo with the image of Scorpio looks beautiful and graceful.

Advice 2 : What does the tattoo Scorpion

In ancient times, tattoos served the function of distinctive signs, they meant belonging to any open organization, or secret society. In the modern world, tattoos became fashionable and very popular, but not as frequently as the owners of the production of drawings wonder about their value.
What does the tattoo Scorpion

Scorpio is a small but very formidable and dangerous creature on the end of his tail is a poison capsule and needle. Meeting with the Scorpion can be deadly. He is, by nature, is a lone predator, hunter and killer. The importance of tattoos with the image of the Scorpion partly correspond to characteristics of the deadly insect.

In Ancient Egypt, the Scorpion symbolized death, while the Japanese wisdom. In African countries it was a symbol of healing, and in Europe – revenge. Currently tattoo Scorpio sign is quite popular. It can be found in the musical environment, and in the army, this sign pinned law-abiding citizens and prison inmates.

Army tattoo of a Scorpion means belonging to the land forces, if Scorpio is depicted with open claws, it means that people were involved in the fighting, with reduced weekend service in the hot spot. Moreover, the interpretation can be different for each person. For example, some former soldiers interpretiruya it this way: "I am a suicide bomber! Will die but not surrender!". Near army Scorpion common to see a target or group of blood.

In the criminal world of tattoos with the image of a Scorpion rather ambiguous. It is believed that the Scorpion tattooed on the hand claws up means that a person uses drugs, if claws down – he was a drug addict before. In some cases Scorpio can mean that the person was sitting in solitary confinement. And sometimes, he's not a threat to society.

Often this sign denotes that people born under the sign of Scorpio. It can be seen on any part of the body, in this case, no matter in what position depicted by this sign. From the point of view of esotericism, it is a kind of amulet, a talisman to ward off evil spirits. In addition, it is a sign of a strong personality, loyalty to the word. In combination with the image of a Lotus, the Scorpion stands for love and fidelity. Sometimes people make a tattoo in the form of a Scorpion, as a reminder of some event in your life, this may be unrequited love, betrayal of friends, or retaliation for something.

Advice 3 : What does the tattoo of a cat

Tattoo – a very common fascination among the youth, as well as representatives of various subcultures. One of the attention-grabbing tattoo is a picture of a cat. You should understand what it means.
What does the tattoo of a cat

Currently quite common classic tattoo depicting cats of different breeds. Felines of all types, starting with home and ending with its major representatives – lions, tigers and leopards. They usually symbolize speed, mobility, ability to emerge unscathed from any situation and to anticipate possible trouble. Often tattooed cats are big size demonstrates the person's confidence in his abilities, his desire to show that he is not like everyone else. In addition, animals with a grin symbolize anger, rage, and lust for power, and images of kittens – innocence and friendliness.

Tattoo with graceful cats are a symbol of freedom and say that their owner believes himself to be the master of your life. Affectionate Pets symbolize love and tenderness. And in some cases, like the image says about the human propensity for deceit and cunning.

Black cats have long been considered satellites of the dark personalities and supporters of Black magic. It is believed that this tattoo gives the wearer strength and helps in carrying out various magical rituals.

Often a tattoo in the form of a cat shows the duplicity of man, and the love of the thrill, his wildness or strong passion. Cat's head is a symbol of caution and luck. Struck in the shoulder a picture of a cat may indicate that a person has a close friend with whom he considers himself inseparable whole. It also happens that a tattoo of the cat cause the people who managed several times to escape death.

The image of a Panther shows that you are very dangerous man, and lion (in some cases) – criminal authority. Cat's paw can be a symbol of belonging to sexual minorities. However, it should be remembered that the man could cause any of these tattoos without knowing their meaning.

Advice 4 : What does the tattoo rose

Tattoo with the image of roses are very popular, and not only among women but also among men. It has many meanings and its symbolism is directly dependent on the hue of the picture, some details, inscriptions, etc.
What does the tattoo rose

The main value of tattoo with roses picture

As strange as it may sound, the primary symbol of tattoo roses for many centuries was death. The fact that this image was applied to the skin of the prisoners, sentenced to death. Black rose, particularly with deciduous petals, and now has a similar meaning and symbolizes grief, loss, death.
Such a sad symbolism of the rose enhances its additional value: in some cultures, the petals of this flower can mean the blood of Christ and his death and resurrection.

Now more common positive symbols tattoo with roses picture. This picture means a pure, sincere love, moreover, is especially clearly expressed this value in cases when the tattoo is inscribed the name. Men often complement the rose skulls, crosses, swords and other images, emphasizing the "virility" of the tattoo and giving it additional meaning.

Tattoo rose: additional details

When you select an image of a flower for a tattoo it is very important to determine the appropriate hue of the petals. The white rose symbolizes purity, chastity, sincerity, youth. Red – love, passion. Orange – desire, enthusiasm, and yellow – joy, positive attitude to life.
Not all shades of rose ideal man. White, pink colors they should avoid.

The important role played by the presence or absence of thorns on the stem of the flower. The thorns symbolize protection, willingness to stand up for themselves, and the pain that accompanies love. The absence of spikes, in contrast, speaks of the purity of intentions and even a certain naivete and openness to the world.

Special attention should be paid to the additional elements. Two interwoven rose buds in contrasting shades mean as an eternal struggle between two opposites, and harmony. Rose with a skull can mean death, with a sword – readiness to fight for love and happiness, with the angel of high thoughts, purity, strength. Very complex yet striking and memorable image – a rose, entwined by ribbon with the inscription. The inscription is in such cases usually indicates the credo of a man, his motto or attitude towards someone close to you. The flower symbolizes generosity, unwavering adherence to principles, or pure love, for which there are no obstacles. Instead of a ribbon with the inscription in such images may also be used stylized scroll or letter.

Advice 5 : What does a tattoo of a cross

The cross is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, ancient and universal symbols for application to the body. He was tatuirovki since the days of antiquity. In addition, this symbol used in many cultures and religions. The value of a tattoo with a cross is totally different.
The Celtic cross is one of the most popular in the world of tattoos.

The total value of the cross, tattooed on his body

Tattoos of this nature require a special approach. The fact that the cross is a religious symbol, and therefore endowed with special sacred meaning. Cross tattoo can represent different sides of one entity: on the one hand, pinned the cross – faith in God's protection and harmony of his soul, and on the other the personification of redemption and suffering.

These tattoos are popular at all times. Most people, causing them on your body, emphasize its relationship with religion and spirituality. By the way, often this tattoo improve, adding to the cross the image of Jesus Christ. And yet, the people who are planning to put on your body is a tattoo, you should remember the saying: "to Carry the heavy cross". Before pinned on the shoulder, arm or back cross, it is necessary to weigh all "for" and "against".

What does the tattoo in the form of a Maltese cross?

Called the Maltese eight-pointed cross, which took its origin from the coat of arms of one of the Italian cities of Amalfi. The fact that in the XII century it symbolized the order of St. I. of Jerusalem. After some time, the members of this organization have started to wear a black cloak with a white eight-pointed cross. At that time he represented the following knightly virtues: faith and truth, justice and mercy, humility and patience, sincerity and mezhrechye. Through the centuries – in the sixteenth century, this organization settled on Malta. Hence the name of the cross.

In modern world of tattoo with Maltese cross, with strong demand among young boys and men. The fact that tattoo called "the Maltese cross represents courage, honor and sacrifice. Ideally, it is well suited for those men whose lives are connected with a certain risk: rescuers, firefighters, soldiers, police, etc.

The meaning of the tattoos with a Celtic cross

The Celtic cross is perhaps one of the most popular tattoos in the list. Interest in this tattoo originates in the XX century, when many people began to get acquainted with Celtic art. The fact that the patterns of this theme is so beautiful that just mesmerized by the sight. The special effect on this tattoo had converted to Christianity and Anglo-Saxon culture. It is their entanglement and has stimulated hitherto unprecedented new style. Since that time, Celtic tattoo combines both the Egyptian and the German notes, as well as elements of Latin art.

Modern Celtic tattoo need, most likely, to reflect the reverence of the art, rather than faith in God. For now, the design of the tattoo in General can be stylized pictures on the cross, reflect the daily life or the elements of fairy tale folklore. Here you can use such motifs as vegetation or animals, woven into a cross (for example, snake and rose).

Advice 6 : What does the tattoo of a rose

Tattoo with images of various colors are among the most popular in the world. The Queen among these is the tattoo, of course, pinned on the body rose. The choice of this theme almost unlimited diversity of types and forms, and rich colors are simply amazing! By the way, rose is not only a tattoo for women. It can do men.
A tattoo of a rose has many meanings!

The meaning of the tattoos in the form of a rose

In General, the rose tattooed on the body, is a multivalue symbol, a symbol of youth and carelessness, beauty and love, Holiness and purity, rebirth and purification. In other words, the rose tattoo encompasses almost all the positive properties of the person. In the culture of Western civilizations, the rose was considered a sacred flower (like a Lily). In Europe Rosa is akin to the Lotus, revered in the East. At that moment she embodied all the divine that is in the world.

It is curious that the meaning of the tattoos with a rose differs in one religion or another. For example, in Ancient Greece and Egypt, the rose is the symbol of pure and sincere love, but in Islam it represents the shed blood of the prophet and his sons. Buddhists see in the pinned Rosa the Trinity of truth, and for Christians is the embodiment of mercy, of grace, of forgiveness.

Tattoo rose is a symbol of death

Do not be afraid of such a dark title. Just sometimes a tattoo in the form of a rose put on their bodies to Express his humble respect to the potential end of life on earth. Often, this is the point in putting your tattoo with roses followers of the Gothic subculture (Goths). The fact that a picture of a rose on the human body are correlated reflections about death and the mystery of the resurrection of man at his second coming. This is one of the sacred meanings of the tattoo.

Curiously, the ancient Romans were painted a faded rose, thus signifying a reminder of the existing realm of shadows: the rose symbolized the transience of human life. William Shakespeare is generally said that the scent is fading (dying) rose – the best, and Dante in his "divine Comedy" associated the rose with the end of the spiritual path.

What do the colors of roses depicted on the tattoos?

Shades of blossoms pinned to the body of the rose, of course, have its own significance. For example, a tattoo of a white rose means fidelity, purity, virginity and innocence, a spiritual revelation and radiance. Tattoo with red roses speak of passionate nature, about sexual desire, about the desire to be beloved.

If the rose pinned on the body, has a Golden color, then we can talk about the perfection of the nature of its owner. Not for nothing is a rose was chosen as the emblem of the Pope. Yellow rose – symbol of grief and separation, and blue is a symbol of something not unattainable and impossible. Speaking about the symbolism of certain roses tattooed on the body, it should be noted that the leaves symbolize the joy and thorns, sorrow or even the fall!

Advice 7 : What does the tattoo of an angel

Tattoos with angels are very popular with both men and women. Everyone puts in them a special importance. Someone makes a tattoo as a sign of faith in God, someone as protection against supernatural forces. Angels are divine messengers, protecting and guarding people. Therefore, the drawing pictures of angels carries religious meaning, and symbolizes protection, spirituality, human kindness, peace and love.
What does the tattoo of an angel

The tattoos of angels

In most cases, tattoos of angels men cause of religious reasons, as a symbol of their faith. This tattoo is the embodiment of a guardian angel guarding and protecting people.

As a protector, or talisman, it is customary to apply body tattoos of angels-children. In the middle ages it was customary to decorate the cathedrals and the Palace square with statues of cherubim. Very popular tattoo small angels girls. The image on the body of the cherubim can also mean innocence, purity of soul of its owner and faith in the most pure love.

Men as a talisman is applied to the body image of the archangels. Archangels are the only angels of higher rank who are supposed to protect from evil forces. So they are often depicted with swords or spears in their hands. These tattoos adorn a man, and make him more manly.

Tattooed praying for each angel carries a special significance. Very often it is applied to the body in memory of a loved one. Appeal to the God of man is often expressed in prayers, so the image of the praying angel reflects the petition to the health of loved ones, the soothing of the soul or the fulfillment of desires.

Today is a very popular tattoo in the form of angelic wings. The wings open on the back signify a spiritual connection with God, spirit and freedom. Omitted, and broken wings can mean a spiritual struggle of man for his religious beliefs.

The image on the body of a fallen angel symbolizes the duplicity, the struggle between two principles — good and evil. Tattoo can be applied as a sign of remorse about his actions that resulted in the loss of a loved one.

Body parts, which usually do a tattoo in the form of an angel

Tattoo of angel on chest usually men do. Location at the heart attached tattoo deep religious significance, devotion to God and sincere faith. Angels on the chest are often made on the memory of the deceased person.

Confident men have an image of angels on the forearm. This tattoo looks very beautiful and courageous. Women prefer to depict the small angels on the shoulder or the scapula. Usually it's little cherubs or angels in the form of a fragile girl with wings.

Image of angel wings on the back is very popular as both men and women. Men usually get tattoos guardian angel with wings, girls represent only the wings. Mens tattoo look brutal, more feminine elegant and gentle.

Girls love putting them on my body fabulous angels, cherubim, or funny little men with horns and wings. These tattoos are very nice on the stomach, leg, foot and even on the neck.

All tattoos of angels mean spirituality, kindness and self-sacrifice. The variety of designs allows you to make your unique tattoo that lays to its owner a special significance.
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