Aesthetically pleasing and look beautiful tattoo with a crown and wings. This combination brings the owner great fortune, and signifies the strong friendship and loyalty. This tattoo is a symbol of power and the desire to lead other people, to be in some degree worthy and above them.

Early crown with wings symbolized that a person belongs to a noble family. The crown could also mean a great success. Tattoo with a crown at the present time is a rarity. And different social strata may perceive the symbol differently. If the crown is depicted with wings in the center of the heart, she is the personification of love and fidelity.

The image in the middle ages could only do the monarchs. And in the UK this tattoo put on my body, the supporters of the king. Currently, the crown is made in a Celtic style, means wealth and confidence in the future. Tattoo with several pointed teeth can symbolize hope, faith and love.

Crown with wings with semi-precious or precious stones, carries a philosophical meaning and could symbolize the search for the meaning of life. Often, these tattoos prefer to do on the forearm, which means the power or the desire to control other people.

Some believers prefer to inflict that kind of tattoo as the embodiment of their religion. Crown with wings in this case means divine. The image of the Royal crown now prefer to do on various parts of the body: wrist, ankle, behind her ear. Some put on their bodies a crown with wings in secluded places, not wanting to stand in public. Others prefer to demonstrate body art.

The value in the criminal world

Before you put on your body this tattoo, it is advisable to think because in the criminal world, it means a serious crime. It can also indicate a higher position in criminal hierarchy. That would not symbolized by a crown with wings in the criminal world, for ordinary people is a symbol of victory, perseverance, and self-control.

Options for girls

Girls often opt for tattoos are small and elegant options. Women's image of this tattoo often look like a whole work of art. For the girls crown with wings implies the uniqueness of the individual. Cartoon, stylized tattoo of a crown with wings small size suggests that its owner feels beautiful Princess waiting for her Prince.