A few decades ago a tattoo was associated primarily with those who have served in the military or had served a prison sentence. In our days it is a tattoo already you will surprise nobody – their bodies are decorated with different patterns and teenagers, and quite respectable people age, both men and women. One of the popular elements of tattoo is five-pointed star with the same or different length of the rays; it can also be used as a standalone figure. That could mean the same tattoo?

The total value of a tattoo in the form of a five-pointed star

At the star have been traditionally present in various cultures as a symbol that reminds humanity of the infinity and incomprehensibility of the Universe. Thus, a tattoo depicting a five-pointed star in the broad sense is the personification of the cosmos. Like the heavenly bodies, the man, whose body is this figure, wants to look bright, beautiful, mysterious and inaccessible.

Another meaning of tattoo in the form of a star with five rays is an indivisible unity of man and the Universe. In some religions cover the body of such a star is a kind of guide allows a person to accumulate pure energy from space.

Tattooed a five-pointed star as a way to gain magical powers

Since ancient times, the vast majority of priests and shamans in different cultures certainly had on his body a tattoo of a star, often along with the tattoo, which depicted a wolf. It is considered that such images contribute to the attainment of communication with the spirit world and allow you to continually develop your magical abilities. That is why wishing to enlist the support of their deceased ancestors, the shamans put on your skin tattoo a five-pointed star; in some cases, their bodies had a lot of these drawings.

Modern meaning tattoo a five-pointed star

In our days, this tattoo is a symbol that represents the desire of the owner to the fun and easy life, his unwillingness to overcome all sorts of hardships. Such tattoos are very popular among young girls, the main priorities of which is glamorous, fun, expensive clothes and cars. So before apply on your body a picture, the young lady should think about, whether you want her that others saw her as flighty and frivolous person.