What does the tattoo of a tiger

The tiger is one of the most revered animals in Asian countries. His image in the culture of these countries has a very deep meaning: it represents the combination of ruthless brutality and flawless grace, bloodlust and softness, speed and the ability to wait, passion, and self-sufficiency.
In many cases, the tattoo of a tiger can also mean Royal greatness, the power, the ability to influence fate, to kill or pardon.

Tattoo of a tiger has another meaning: it symbolizes power, protection from violence, resistance to evil, salvation from accidents and malicious intent. This tattoo is meant to save his master from the attack stronger enemies and from adversity.
In the case that a black stripe in life has already begun, the tiger gives you the ability to steadfastly and bravely endure all the hardships.

There are also additional value of such a tattoo. Tiger in a cage means that the person restrains their beliefs, seeking to win over the negative features of his character. Animal with open jaws and grin symbolizes a willingness to fight to the end for the family, principles, ideas, for all that is dear to man.

How tattoo tiger characterizes a person

A picture of a tiger on the body can symbolize the character traits of the person. In the first place, it speaks of energy, tirelessness, willingness to move towards your goal, no matter what. Also the tiger can mean excessive irascibility and aggression that people do not always consider it necessary to keep.

This animal in its symbolical meaning will not accept the lower levels of the hierarchy. When it comes to prison tattoos, it means a person strong, powerful, a kind of "king" among prisoners. In ordinary life, it symbolizes one who does not want to submit to and recognize authority.

Tiger can mean a person is not only passionate, powerful and aggressive, but also very delicate, especially in matters concerning family and friends. This is a sure and strong defender, very sensitive to the choice of environment and will do anything for their loved ones. In determining such characteristics is a lot you can guess the peculiarities of the image of the tiger. The tattoo can be clearly showing the aggression and static, quiet, refined and even calling the Association with tenderness and gentleness.