The only thing that stops many people from tattooing – its sustainability. It is therefore important to understand why and where you want to get a tattoo. If this is your first tattoo, you want with it to Express yourself, apply it to the area of the body where it will not constantly be sore your eyes. This reduces the chances that you will want to reduce when you get tired of it.

The subtleties of sense perception tattoo

If to speak about the significance of tattoos, you need to understand that currently, each image carries more meaning for a specific person who did this tattoo. Some characters seem to remain universal. So, Leo always speaks of authority and power, dragon – the desire for freedom, cats often emphasize the femininity and gracefulness of the owner, and the wings symbolize protection, keyhole tells about secrecy from the outside world before the limitations of social cognition. However, the most important personal value the images have for a particular person, and such value may be opposite to the traditional view.
It is not necessary to use images of religious subjects, especially if you are not a believer. Do not repeat other people's tattoos, it is better to be original.

If you want to make a purely decorative tattoo no subtext, choose small patterns. They can be placed on any part of the body. It is important to consider the size and shape of this ornament, it should not be too small or too large, because it can create a false impression. From afar the designs can look like birthmarks or scalp if you select the wrong size.
If you want to make photos tattoo, ask the person whose picture you want to put on your body, do it.

How to choose a tattoo?

If you want to make yourself meaningful tattoo, be careful. Think about what you would say to yourself or to the world through images. Don't be too literal. Should not be applied on the body your name or the name of a loved one, in the latter case, things can change over the years, and then you have to find a way to get rid of tattoos.

Instead of images you can apply the label. Commonly used popular sayings in Latin or English. In this case, make sure that the inscription is correct or not. Especially carefully it is necessary to address characters.

The most popular images of girls think a Pegasus or a unicorn, symbolizing innocence and purity, a variety of triangular ornaments as symbols of a comfortable, secure life, as well as the moon or the Lotus as a symbol of the mysterious female nature.
Men prefer the harsh and brutal images. They usually choose the eagle as a symbol of freedom, the wolf as a symbol of aggressive and self-sufficient loneliness of the dragon as a guardian.