The main value of tattoo with roses picture

As strange as it may sound, the primary symbol of tattoo roses for many centuries was death. The fact that this image was applied to the skin of the prisoners, sentenced to death. Black rose, particularly with deciduous petals, and now has a similar meaning and symbolizes grief, loss, death.
Such a sad symbolism of the rose enhances its additional value: in some cultures, the petals of this flower can mean the blood of Christ and his death and resurrection.

Now more common positive symbols tattoo with roses picture. This picture means a pure, sincere love, moreover, is especially clearly expressed this value in cases when the tattoo is inscribed the name. Men often complement the rose skulls, crosses, swords and other images, emphasizing the "virility" of the tattoo and giving it additional meaning.

Tattoo rose: additional details

When you select an image of a flower for a tattoo it is very important to determine the appropriate hue of the petals. The white rose symbolizes purity, chastity, sincerity, youth. Red – love, passion. Orange – desire, enthusiasm, and yellow – joy, positive attitude to life.
Not all shades of rose ideal man. White, pink colors they should avoid.

The important role played by the presence or absence of thorns on the stem of the flower. The thorns symbolize protection, willingness to stand up for themselves, and the pain that accompanies love. The absence of spikes, in contrast, speaks of the purity of intentions and even a certain naivete and openness to the world.

Special attention should be paid to the additional elements. Two interwoven rose buds in contrasting shades mean as an eternal struggle between two opposites, and harmony. Rose with a skull can mean death, with a sword – readiness to fight for love and happiness, with the angel of high thoughts, purity, strength. Very complex yet striking and memorable image – a rose, entwined by ribbon with the inscription. The inscription is in such cases usually indicates the credo of a man, his motto or attitude towards someone close to you. The flower symbolizes generosity, unwavering adherence to principles, or pure love, for which there are no obstacles. Instead of a ribbon with the inscription in such images may also be used stylized scroll or letter.