Advice 1: What does the tattoo on the shoulder epaulettes

People with tattooirokoi in the form epaulettes on the shoulders in everyday life are very rare. The fact that prick them with criminal authorities, particularly those who have been repeatedly imprisoned for serious crimes.
What does the tattoo on the shoulder epaulettes

The basic meaning of tattoos in the form of epaulettes on the shoulder

"Epaulettes" on the shoulders often can be seen from the most respected prisoners, as the most common meaning of such a tattoo – final rejection to stand in the way of correction. This tattoo can be seen in the most daring thieves and murderers who consider themselves the elite of the underworld.
Not all prisoners have the right to wear such tattoos. The presence of epaulettes in this case, the symbol chosen, which immediately shows the others a special status for criminals.

To see the image in the form of epaulettes, you can also have young guys that a long time spent in prison, characterized the austerity regime. For example, the young person receives the right to a tattoo, having spent at least 50 days in disciplinary isolation. To emphasize his "services", the guys often complement epaulettes explanatory inscriptions.

Finally, there is another meaning of this tattoo. Her chosen people, tough and uncompromising positions itself against the prison regime and administration, and guards. The most brutal of them complement shoulder straps that says ELEPHANT, which means "death COP from a knife" or typical images. These tattoos are the most rare, as prison officials, identifying them troublemakers, in case of any problems in the behavior can use non-lethal weapons to subdue. To use this tattoo is very risky, and sometimes even silly.

Might look like a tattoo in the form of epaulettes

The value of such a tattoo depends on the characteristics of the image. The most common variant is the figure with the cross. It means that the man is proud of his crimes and considers itself the ideological thief, a murderer, etc.
Usually tattoo epaulettes with a cross choose for themselves already adult prisoners, not a minor.

The prisoners, wishing to emphasize the authority, strength, power, aggressiveness, choose whole composition. As a rule, they complement epaulets picture large predatory cats, snakes, and swords, skulls, bones, clawed paws, fangs, barbed wire. Each of these drawings has its own special meaning, but their meaning is to demonstrate power and authority.

Among the people who were openly waging war "with the system", including the state, police and jailers, is widely spread tattoo pierced with a knife overhead with the words EXPLOSIVES, which means "internal forces".

Advice 2: What does the tattoo spider

For thousands of years people have invested in body signs a special meaning. Earlier tattoos signified belonging to a particular unit of society. Shamans, priests, warlocks, warriors wore easily recognizable in their circles indelible tattoo. For some time tattoos became the prerogative of the prisoners, and it was for a long time. But then the world came real fashion for beautiful decorative tattoos, and some of them continue to carry their hidden meaning.
What does the tattoo spider

In Greece there is a myth about how there were spiders. Legend has it that the weaver Arachne all over the country were famous for their art. Proud, she called on the contest itself to the goddess Athena. Arachne wove beautiful cloth, which was not inferior to the creation of Athens, but in the works of skilled weavers was a disrespect to the gods. The winner was Athena, and her opponent hanged on a rope. Athena saved the girl by turning her into a spider. Since then Arachne and her descendants are cursed to forever weave webs and spiders were considered as a symbol of creativity, hard work and patience.

Earlier in the prison symbolism of the spider sitting on the web, meant a prison sentence, the number of transverse threads (rings) – number of years. Spider, creeping up, not the web meant that people steal. If tattoo is portrayed spider crawling down, then the carrier with the theft of "tied". Currently a spider, crawling the web, means drug addiction. Sliding or hanging from the spider web – a former drug addict.

Tattoo spider can also represent closed, unsociable, and quiet person, the main advantage of which is patience and calm. Often young people "stuffed" spider in the web, explaining this picture: "trapped by love". Sometimes exactly the same tattoos are made by people after visiting the Registrar's office. Fat, hairy spider on the shoulder of a girl may meanthat she wants to be independent or that she doesn't want to get attached to men. Often young people are investing in your tattoo, only to them clear meaning.

Almost the entire territory of the former Soviet Union, tattoos were associated with the criminal world. Even the most innocuous figure on the body was seen as the hallmark of a criminal, because in prison tattoos is invested special meaning. After the Soviet collapse, the country gradually began to penetrate Western and European fashion decorative / artistic wearable drawings. They had no relationship to life behind barbed wire, but, nevertheless, in a society, their importance continued to be associated with the so-called "concepts".

Advice 3: What does the tattoo of a cat

Tattoo – a very common fascination among the youth, as well as representatives of various subcultures. One of the attention-grabbing tattoo is a picture of a cat. You should understand what it means.
What does the tattoo of a cat

Currently quite common classic tattoo depicting cats of different breeds. Felines of all types, starting with home and ending with its major representatives – lions, tigers and leopards. They usually symbolize speed, mobility, ability to emerge unscathed from any situation and to anticipate possible trouble. Often tattooed cats are big size demonstrates the person's confidence in his abilities, his desire to show that he is not like everyone else. In addition, animals with a grin symbolize anger, rage, and lust for power, and images of kittens – innocence and friendliness.

Tattoo with graceful cats are a symbol of freedom and say that their owner believes himself to be the master of your life. Affectionate Pets symbolize love and tenderness. And in some cases, like the image says about the human propensity for deceit and cunning.

Black cats have long been considered satellites of the dark personalities and supporters of Black magic. It is believed that this tattoo gives the wearer strength and helps in carrying out various magical rituals.

Often a tattoo in the form of a cat shows the duplicity of man, and the love of the thrill, his wildness or strong passion. Cat's head is a symbol of caution and luck. Struck in the shoulder a picture of a cat may indicate that a person has a close friend with whom he considers himself inseparable whole. It also happens that a tattoo of the cat cause the people who managed several times to escape death.

The image of a Panther shows that you are very dangerous man, and lion (in some cases) – criminal authority. Cat's paw can be a symbol of belonging to sexual minorities. However, it should be remembered that the man could cause any of these tattoos without knowing their meaning.

Advice 4: What does a tattoo of a cross

The cross is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, ancient and universal symbols for application to the body. He was tatuirovki since the days of antiquity. In addition, this symbol used in many cultures and religions. The value of a tattoo with a cross is totally different.
The Celtic cross is one of the most popular in the world of tattoos.

The total value of the cross, tattooed on his body

Tattoos of this nature require a special approach. The fact that the cross is a religious symbol, and therefore endowed with special sacred meaning. Cross tattoo can represent different sides of one entity: on the one hand, pinned the cross – faith in God's protection and harmony of his soul, and on the other the personification of redemption and suffering.

These tattoos are popular at all times. Most people, causing them on your body, emphasize its relationship with religion and spirituality. By the way, often this tattoo improve, adding to the cross the image of Jesus Christ. And yet, the people who are planning to put on your body is a tattoo, you should remember the saying: "to Carry the heavy cross". Before pinned on the shoulder, arm or back cross, it is necessary to weigh all "for" and "against".

What does the tattoo in the form of a Maltese cross?

Called the Maltese eight-pointed cross, which took its origin from the coat of arms of one of the Italian cities of Amalfi. The fact that in the XII century it symbolized the order of St. I. of Jerusalem. After some time, the members of this organization have started to wear a black cloak with a white eight-pointed cross. At that time he represented the following knightly virtues: faith and truth, justice and mercy, humility and patience, sincerity and mezhrechye. Through the centuries – in the sixteenth century, this organization settled on Malta. Hence the name of the cross.

In modern world of tattoo with Maltese cross, with strong demand among young boys and men. The fact that tattoo called "the Maltese cross represents courage, honor and sacrifice. Ideally, it is well suited for those men whose lives are connected with a certain risk: rescuers, firefighters, soldiers, police, etc.

The meaning of the tattoos with a Celtic cross

The Celtic cross is perhaps one of the most popular tattoos in the list. Interest in this tattoo originates in the XX century, when many people began to get acquainted with Celtic art. The fact that the patterns of this theme is so beautiful that just mesmerized by the sight. The special effect on this tattoo had converted to Christianity and Anglo-Saxon culture. It is their entanglement and has stimulated hitherto unprecedented new style. Since that time, Celtic tattoo combines both the Egyptian and the German notes, as well as elements of Latin art.

Modern Celtic tattoo need, most likely, to reflect the reverence of the art, rather than faith in God. For now, the design of the tattoo in General can be stylized pictures on the cross, reflect the daily life or the elements of fairy tale folklore. Here you can use such motifs as vegetation or animals, woven into a cross (for example, snake and rose).
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