Advice 1: Which tattoo designs bring luck

Since ancient times many people believed that tattoos have a great influence on the destiny of man. In this regard, in those days inflicted on the body of drawings, symbols and labels of good fortune. Now this image can be done in any tattoo parlor. One only has to figure out what a symbol of good luck for you.
Which tattoo designs bring luck

A bit of history tattoo

For the first time by drawing pictures on the body have been used during rituals. People believed that in this way they are most closely associated with their gods. Through tattoos protect children from parental anger, adults defended in battle and in hunting, the old people were kept from disease. In addition, there are cases when the tattoo was used as punishment. For example, in Japan during the Edo period robbers for every crime inflicted on one line on my forehead. The result is the character INU, which means "dog".

In Europe with the spread of Christianity tattoos that were part of pagan beliefs and traditions, began to disappear. By drawing pictures on the body resumed among Europeans only in the XVIII century, when Christian missionaries set sail, and the sailors and their ships had got a tattoo in memory of the field trip.

Currently tattoo is a form of avant-garde art, and way of expression of individuals. It can also denote a person belonging to any social group.

Tattoo, symbolizing good luck

You can offer in the salons of various kinds of tattoos. Today, especially popular tattoo that brings good luck. So here are some of them.

Cross. It symbolizes life, immortality, the unity of spirit and matter. Many believe that this sign characterizes a person belonging to any religious movement, but it is not always the case.
On the one hand, the cross means eternal spiritual development is a symbol for attracting prosperity.

Four-leaf clover is a classic symbol of good luck. The image of this plant make to the life of the owner of such tattoo was full of auspicious events and fortune never left him.

Horseshoe is one of the most common tattoos that are popular with many people. It means believing in the attainment of success and luck. A picture of a horseshoe horns up full Cup symbolizes happiness, wealth, luck. The same symbol upside-down horns, is not a bad omen. This horseshoe protects its owner, it drives away misery and Woe.

Descending the spider – a symbol of good fortune, luck, prosperity. Greek mythology is this predator wise and hardworking.
Besides, mythopoetic traditions with the image of a spider link creative activity and professional skills.

Quite often as tattoos using hieroglyphics. So, people who want to attract into your life good luck, choose the image of the character "happiness" or "Kichi".

The inscription in Latin is also popular with those who have decided to get a tattoo. Often use sayings of great philosophers, writers and leaders. For example, it can be tattooed the Latin phrase "Audaces fortuna juvat", which means "fortune favors the bold."

To believe or not to believe in the mystical power of signs and symbols – a purely personal matter for each person. Most importantly, do not doubt that the luck never leaves you!

Advice 2 : What does the tattoo Scorpion

In ancient times, tattoos served the function of distinctive signs, they meant belonging to any open organization, or secret society. In the modern world, tattoos became fashionable and very popular, but not as frequently as the owners of the production of drawings wonder about their value.
What does the tattoo Scorpion

Scorpio is a small but very formidable and dangerous creature on the end of his tail is a poison capsule and needle. Meeting with the Scorpion can be deadly. He is, by nature, is a lone predator, hunter and killer. The importance of tattoos with the image of the Scorpion partly correspond to characteristics of the deadly insect.

In Ancient Egypt, the Scorpion symbolized death, while the Japanese wisdom. In African countries it was a symbol of healing, and in Europe – revenge. Currently tattoo Scorpio sign is quite popular. It can be found in the musical environment, and in the army, this sign pinned law-abiding citizens and prison inmates.

Army tattoo of a Scorpion means belonging to the land forces, if Scorpio is depicted with open claws, it means that people were involved in the fighting, with reduced weekend service in the hot spot. Moreover, the interpretation can be different for each person. For example, some former soldiers interpretiruya it this way: "I am a suicide bomber! Will die but not surrender!". Near army Scorpion common to see a target or group of blood.

In the criminal world of tattoos with the image of a Scorpion rather ambiguous. It is believed that the Scorpion tattooed on the hand claws up means that a person uses drugs, if claws down – he was a drug addict before. In some cases Scorpio can mean that the person was sitting in solitary confinement. And sometimes, he's not a threat to society.

Often this sign denotes that people born under the sign of Scorpio. It can be seen on any part of the body, in this case, no matter in what position depicted by this sign. From the point of view of esotericism, it is a kind of amulet, a talisman to ward off evil spirits. In addition, it is a sign of a strong personality, loyalty to the word. In combination with the image of a Lotus, the Scorpion stands for love and fidelity. Sometimes people make a tattoo in the form of a Scorpion, as a reminder of some event in your life, this may be unrequited love, betrayal of friends, or retaliation for something.

Advice 3 : What does a tattoo of a cross

The cross is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, ancient and universal symbols for application to the body. He was tatuirovki since the days of antiquity. In addition, this symbol used in many cultures and religions. The value of a tattoo with a cross is totally different.
The Celtic cross is one of the most popular in the world of tattoos.

The total value of the cross, tattooed on his body

Tattoos of this nature require a special approach. The fact that the cross is a religious symbol, and therefore endowed with special sacred meaning. Cross tattoo can represent different sides of one entity: on the one hand, pinned the cross – faith in God's protection and harmony of his soul, and on the other the personification of redemption and suffering.

These tattoos are popular at all times. Most people, causing them on your body, emphasize its relationship with religion and spirituality. By the way, often this tattoo improve, adding to the cross the image of Jesus Christ. And yet, the people who are planning to put on your body is a tattoo, you should remember the saying: "to Carry the heavy cross". Before pinned on the shoulder, arm or back cross, it is necessary to weigh all "for" and "against".

What does the tattoo in the form of a Maltese cross?

Called the Maltese eight-pointed cross, which took its origin from the coat of arms of one of the Italian cities of Amalfi. The fact that in the XII century it symbolized the order of St. I. of Jerusalem. After some time, the members of this organization have started to wear a black cloak with a white eight-pointed cross. At that time he represented the following knightly virtues: faith and truth, justice and mercy, humility and patience, sincerity and mezhrechye. Through the centuries – in the sixteenth century, this organization settled on Malta. Hence the name of the cross.

In modern world of tattoo with Maltese cross, with strong demand among young boys and men. The fact that tattoo called "the Maltese cross represents courage, honor and sacrifice. Ideally, it is well suited for those men whose lives are connected with a certain risk: rescuers, firefighters, soldiers, police, etc.

The meaning of the tattoos with a Celtic cross

The Celtic cross is perhaps one of the most popular tattoos in the list. Interest in this tattoo originates in the XX century, when many people began to get acquainted with Celtic art. The fact that the patterns of this theme is so beautiful that just mesmerized by the sight. The special effect on this tattoo had converted to Christianity and Anglo-Saxon culture. It is their entanglement and has stimulated hitherto unprecedented new style. Since that time, Celtic tattoo combines both the Egyptian and the German notes, as well as elements of Latin art.

Modern Celtic tattoo need, most likely, to reflect the reverence of the art, rather than faith in God. For now, the design of the tattoo in General can be stylized pictures on the cross, reflect the daily life or the elements of fairy tale folklore. Here you can use such motifs as vegetation or animals, woven into a cross (for example, snake and rose).
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