You will need
  • - caffeine;
  • - Siberian ginseng;
  • - ginseng;
  • - Chinese Magnolia.
Go to the reception to the therapist. You will be assigned a full examination of the body and will issue a referral to a cardiologist. If you have serious enough problems with the pressure for a long period of time, the doctor will select the medication. If hypotension appeared relatively recently and is periodic in nature, then you can do with herbal drugs.
Caffeine contributes to high blood pressure. In the morning drink a Cup of coffee and eat a sandwich with cheese and butter. Cheese contains large amounts of fat and salt, which helps to normalize blood pressure.
Replace your coffee black or green tea if you have a headache. Caffeine from tea digested slowly and easier on the body.
Take adaptogeny. For example, in the morning, drink 15-20 drops of Eleutherococcus. Before eating suitable ginseng extract (15-25 drops per reception). Good effect with hypotension and has a Chinese Magnolia vine (20-30 drops per reception). What is right for you - depends on the individual, try both to determine this.
Eat at least 4 times a day. With a lack of calories and essential micronutrients pressure decreases, if there is such a predisposition. Eat rationally and, if possible, completely eliminate harmful products. Also take vitamin complexes, which are enriched with potassium and magnesium to support cardiovascular system.
Exercise. Active exercise contribute to high blood pressure. But everything should be in moderation. Consult your doctor first before going to the gym.
Monitor your pressure with a tonometer. If it is consistently low and you are very worried or you feel bad, then again contact your physician to obtain necessary prescriptions.