Select the method of Dating. To write like a girl, for example, on a Dating site, social network or mail service. Register a suitable online, fill your profile and add a few of their best photos. If your page will look interesting, the girl will have a desire to respond to your message and to continue communication after meeting.
Please read the page you liked girls. Pay attention to her interests and Hobbies, try to find something in common with you. If you want to write the companion on a Dating site, see what type of guys she's attracted to, what are the criteria for men she put on the page.
Send a proposal to the girl to meet you, but try to make it more original. Avoid trite phrases such as, "hi, how are you doing?" "What are you doing?", etc. You can start with a small compliment, for example, "Hey, you're very beautiful! Possible to meet you?" But if you notice that the girl loves romance, it is possible to show imagination and to write an even more beautiful message: "I have a few days can't take my eyes off your photos! Can I meet this stunning girl?" etc. anyway, from the first sentence depends largely on what you want the girl to meet and get to know you.
As soon as she will respond and agree to meet you, do not cease to surprise her. Write to her: "today I was at the gym / in the section of dance / University and saw how you moved / danced / laughed, and realized that you're just an amazing girl!" Then ask her to tell me something about yourself.
Take advantage of the fact that talk about the girl. Select those interests that to a large extent coincide with yours, and write: "wow, and I also love sports / cinema / theatre / dancing!" Next tell us something interesting about yourself. Try not to put in conversation the most important facts about you and save them for conversation during the meeting with the beloved. Taking the opportunity, try to ask the girl her phone number or ask to meet if communication is going very well. Do not cease to monitor the reaction of the first ladies: does she smiles, asks you questions, does jokes, etc. This will help you to determine the degree of sympathy towards you.