A compliment needs to be tactful. Well when you know the girl quite well and I can confidently say, the exaltation of what qualities she would like and which features it is better not to touch.
If a girl cares about her appearance, can make a compliment-comparison with the star in favor of his girlfriend. You can compare the abilities of the beloved with its own, for example: "you're really good at sketching, and I was not able to portray anything worthwhile!"
On the basis of comparisons possible to write more poetic compliment. In their praise mention something historical, mythical or literary character, for example: "You are more beautiful than Aphrodite!"; "Cleopatra's beauty pales before you!". Most importantly, do not overdo it. Not to mention a little-known heroines, the existence of which the girl might not know, otherwise the praise may sound ambiguous.
If you and the girl are in a fairly close relationship, make a compliment regarding the higher realms and your spiritual experiences. For example: "You're the only one who understands me, who always supports"; "I can't live without you you are my happiness forever." These words will make it clear to the girl that you are interested in that you think she is an exceptional person. Remember, you should not say such a compliment to the unfamiliar interlocutor, as it is not necessary to start with his acquaintance. The girl can feel the falseness in your words.
Universal praise for a close person, and for as yet unfamiliar girls would compliment on the subject of her work, Hobbies or skills. For example, you can write the following: "you Have so many interests, how do you manage everything?"; "You have a very interesting job and you're very passionate about it. I admire your enthusiasm." Another generic compliment is a beautifully presented statement of fact: "you Have beautiful hair and clear eyes."
Try not to overdo it with the compliments concerning appearance. The girl may think that her beauty is the only thing that attracts you to her. Praise should be natural, and says casually, then immediately change the subject. No need to make compliments too often, it will seem unnatural to the girl, and you'll turn her eyes to the pesky admirer.
Try in advance to think about the compliments, they should not sound ambiguous. An example of a bad praise: "This work is much better than your previous creations!"; "This dress is slimming you hard!".
You should not make compliments-instruction like this: "you Have beautiful legs, you should wear skirts". The girl will think that everything else in her appearance do you consider ugly, and be offended.