If you want to meet a girl, try to avoid trite questions like, "How's it going?" or "What are you doing?". Be more original and ask, for example, "How is this wonderful girl?" or "Can I ask what are you doing now so beautiful?". Be polite and don't be afraid to add compliments. If a girl is beautiful in photos and has a colorful page, most likely, she was trying to see before, and you have the chance to surprise her.
Read the information on the page girls. Look where she is studying or working, what motivates, what is the communities, etc. If you are just getting acquainted with it, it's a great chance to learn from her the details of this or that side of her life. You can even pretend that you didn't read the information on the page, and learned it from other sources. For example, if she is in the group dance, ask: "is it true that such a beautiful girl and amazing dancer?" The girl may think that you've seen it before, or asked about one of her friends, and will begin to show strong interest to you.
Some young people sometimes experience difficulty, not knowing what to ask the girl with whom they have long been familiar, but want to approach stronger. This will help her personal wall. Examine publications that the girl had posted on his page, and try to understand what she's thinking. Perhaps she cares for any social problem, or it is actively studying foreign languages, etc. most Likely, the girl is always happy to discuss it with someone, you've got the opportunity to prove themselves. Ask what she thinks about any given situation, whether it agrees with any particular fact, etc. Certainly, the girl will be happy such a source.
View photos and videos (if they are not taken from other people) on the page you are interested in person. Ask, where was filmed the material, ask how the girl get such colorful pictures, etc. Is another opportunity to win her affection to you.
Do not be afraid to ask a girl out on a date. In this you will help the information on the page. Take into account current interests of the interlocutor or her thoughts on a particular question and select an appropriate meeting place: cinema, theater, exhibition, etc. Just politely ask, would not want the girl to meet with you at one time or another.