How to find a good girl in "Contact"

If you can't meet a girl in real life, you have all the chances to have a relationship through a social network "In Contact". But the ladies on this site very much how to find your future beloved?

This is done quite easily. The only thing you will have to spend some time. To begin, select to search for people his country and the city, after all-town girl to meet would be problematic. Mark in finding what you need people of the female gender and the desired age.

After that you will open many women's accounts. Go to the pages of those girls whose photos you liked. Most importantly, pay attention to marital status any girls. Better if they are actively looking or not married.

When you will select candidates, review the information they wrote about themselves on the pages. Now we can start to direct acquaintance with a few girls.

How to meet a girl in "Contact"

Write to the girls something like "you are very attractive, it is possible to meet you" or "very beautiful picture". You can write anything, just to someone of the girls responded.

Next, proceed to communicate with those who are really interested in it. Let it be one or two girls, I'm all you need as a fruitful dialogue immediately with lots of new friends not work.

You can chat on any topics, but it is better to talk about what interests her. Show her that you can listen at the same time will be able to understand what kind of character she has.

When your communication will be more close to you, ask for her phone number. Call her, offer to meet. Invite her in a cozy cafe or a movie, let her pick the place for date.

Most importantly, remember that the social network is the same communication as in real life. Be honest, you are chatting with a real person. Not priukrashivanii its advantages, because when you meet him, anyway, the girl will realize who you really are. Write about yourself only the truth.

Also don't forget that if you initially don't like the girl character, in the future you have it nothing happens. Communicate only with pleasant personality, believe in yourself, be yourself, and you certainly will succeed.