For a young person the need to write letters to the girl may present insuperable difficulty. He doesn't know what to write, how to do it, what words will appeal to the girl, and what an unexpected way it may be rejected. But do not panic. Let's look at a few situations. A girl can be love, just a friend or one that you have never seen and want to impress her. No matter what kind of relationship a girl to you, but if you decided to write to her, so for that you have a good reason.
Mentally picture a girl and think about what you would like to tell her. No need to pick up some complicated epithets, start simple. Tell her, for example, that you had a chance to do lately. Smoothly pass from the description of cases to describe some of their thoughts. Something like: "Yesterday I did so-and-so, and I thought". Describe everything as if she were sitting in front of you and listen to you. Trust me, write a letter, even easier than talking to a person live. Because every thought, every sentence you can think all you want, and not be afraid of accidentally taking off at the same words.
If a girl darling, please don't hesitate to descriptions of their feelings. First, girls like that, and confessions of love for them is never enough. Secondly, trust me, she will read the delicate lines again and again, and after each reading it will come to life reciprocal feeling. So don't skimp on the speed, but too sugary to be not necessary. Don't use other epithets, just text her those words that live in your heart that you have long wanted to say to her. If you write poetry, you can Supplement the letter with a small quatrain. But it is not necessary plagiarism, the girls are usually well versed in literature. Therefore it is better to clumsy, but his than florid, but someone else's. Write to the girl about something that ties you, tell us about your dreams and plans. For example: "I will come, and we'll get out of that same campaign who missed last summer."
Remember that even the most modern girl in the shower real partiality for romance. Feel free to write beautifully, even if you think that the writer of you no. You just try it, is only the beginning, and the words will flow by themselves. But try to avoid as much as possible spelling errors. Of course, every letter to reconcile is not worth it, but try to avoid at least some egregious violations of spelling. At the end of the letter make a small PostScript. Even the basic "P. S. I Love you", repeated from letter to letter, can become the highlight of your conversation. The girl will appreciate it.