You will need
  • - Internet access
  • accounts on social networks
Examine the profile of the person with whom you want to communicate. View his photos, find out he is friends with whom, what his Hobbies and interests, what music he listens to and what movie goes. Social networks provide great opportunities for exploring and finding people with the same interests. Don't ask things that are already written in the profile.
Ask open questions so the interviewee could not clearly answer "Yes" or "no". Then we can get into a deadlock, not knowing how to continue the conversation and will be followed by an awkward silence. Instead of a question - "Liked this book?" ask "what is remembered in the book?"
Do not use slang ( e.g., "pantokaltsin"), try to write correctly, without spelling and punctuation errors. Your communication will surely start in writing, so take this seriously. Your messages - a kind of calling card, your initial image. Try to make it enjoyable.
Don't answer just smiles and monosyllables. Such responses can create the feeling that you are not too interested in chat and you're trying to get rid as soon as possible.
Try not to lie about themselves, because if the communication comes to meeting in reality, there already do not hide the truth. The more tip - be yourself - never lost its relevance.
Take your time. On the one hand you have human interest, the other to push is not worth it. Try to avoid personal and intimate topics.