Iron deficiency anemia: overview of the pathology, reasons for its development

The term "iron deficiency anemia" (IDA) means a reduced amount of hemoglobin – the iron containing pigment of red blood cells that gives blood the red color. The reasons for this rejection varied:
- improper diet;
- significant blood loss during menstruation;
- the impossibility of full assimilation of iron by the body;
- internal bleeding in the diseases of organs and malignant tumors etc.

At the beginning of the development of the IDA pronounced symptoms of the patient are not observed. In the future, against the background of the gradual decline in hemoglobin level the person becomes irritable and inattentive. Patients suffering from IDA, complaining of dizziness and headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath, fatigue. In severe cases, the patient difficulty breathing, inflamed tongue, the warm rhythm becomes frequent and pain with muscular loading.

How do we treat iron deficiency anemia?

Sustainable iron deficiency that caused the breach of the General state of health is treated with special preparations – vitamins with high iron content:
- "Acyclovir";
- "Totem";
- "Ferro-gradumet";
"Durules", etc.
To improve the absorption of iron, it is possible, enriching the diet with fruits and leafy vegetables with a high content of vitamin C.

Release form of iron-containing vitamins – tablets, capsules, drops and liquid. Capsules and tablets are specially coated, slowly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and are the most economical. Preparations in the form of drops and liquids it is convenient to give children and patients with impaired swallowing function.

Side effects of iron vitamins

Regardless of release iron preparations tend to stain the products of defecation, making them almost black. Diarrhea and constipation are frequent "companions" of the use of iron-containing vitamins. With the development of constipation patient additionally appointed laxatives. But bowel problems are preventable, if you type in the diet of more vegetables, steamed, and vegetable oils. As for the diarrhea, here the solution may be a change in dosage or mode of administration of the drug.
In patients receiving iron supplements, the patient can appear nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain. And at the use of drugs in the form of liquids can change the color of tooth enamel.

To prevent the development of side effects during treatment of anaemia with iron preparations should abandon the use of foods rich in calcium, caffeine, and fiber (milk, tea, coffee, bran, nuts, whole grains, etc.). It is also not recommended to combine iron-bearing funds with antacids or "Tetracycline" – the interval between administration of 2 should be at least 2 hours.