It is unacceptable to treat anemia without medical advice. For example, in some cases, this condition is the consequence of more serious pathologies (e.g., cancer of the bone marrow). Before prescribing drugs a doctor must conduct a careful diagnostic. The effectiveness of treatment should be monitored with blood tests.
For the treatment or prevention of iron deficiency anemia prescribers iron. They are as follows: salts of iron are absorbed in the intestine, then into the hemoglobin and improve the oxygen transport. It is recommended to give preference to drugs with two - or trivalent iron in combination with vitamin C. For a quick saturation of iron or intestinal pathologies apply parenteral forms. After reaching the desired level of hemoglobin therapeutic dose to reduce support.
The preparations of bivalent iron are: "Ferroplex", "Tardyferon", "durules", "Generateterrain", "Ferroplasma", "Aflubin". Drugs ferric: "Hydroxide polymaltose", "Aflubin", "ferrum Lek", "Protein succinate". For parenteral administration are used: "Excellent", "Venofer", "ferrum Lek", "Cosmofer", "Arhiver", "Likferd".
In chronic vitamin B12 deficiency anemia and aplastic anemia injections of vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin). When palaeodiversity hyperchromic macrocytic anemia the pill of folic acid. Can also be assigned to vitamins C, E, B2, B6. For treatment of aplastic anemia with autoimmune component used corticosteroids in the form of tablets and injection: the "Cortisol", "Hydrocortisone", "Prednisolone", "Dexamethasone". Also used androgens ("Sustanon", "Testosterone propionate").
In hypoplastic and aplastic anemia to reduce depression of the bone marrow use of anabolic steroids: "Mesterolone", "Nandrolone", "Anadrol (Oxymetholone"). For the treatment of autoimmune aplastic anemia in the absence of effect from other drugs used cytostatics ("Azathioprine" ("Imuran").
With the aim of treatment of anemia of renal origin prescribers of erythropoietin in the form of solution for injection: "Epoetin-alpha (Apocom", "Eralfon", "Epocrin Eprex"), "Epoietin-beta" ("Apostil", "Vero epoetin", "Epoetin-Vero", "Erythropoietin", "Recormon", "Retrostil"), "Epoetin-omega (Epomax"), "Darbepoetin-alpha" ("Aranesp").