There are 4 types of hemangiomas. Simple is located on the surface of the skin, cavernous — under the skin. Combo combines the features of simple and cavernous. And finally, misc is made up of different fabrics. Hemangiomas may be formed either in a single instance, or multiple in different parts of the body. The most difficult cases of damage to the vascular tumor of the internal organs.
When it detects red or blue-purple painless education, contact your oncologist or vascular surgeon. The specialist will determine the type of tumor and choose the most appropriate method of treatment.
One of the simplest methods of treatment of hemangiomas is the sclerosing therapy. Its advantage is the absence of severe bleeding and the ability to perform the procedure without hospitalization. However, the treatment can be painful, and should be long-term and often causes complications in burn the surrounding tissues sklerosiruuschem substances.
The method of surgical treatment of hemangiomas is one of the oldest. However, it has not lost its relevance to this day. If a vascular tumor is deeply located and have the option to remove it completely, it is better to resort to surgery without waiting for education will grow to an enormous size.
If the hemangioma is difficult in the first place, is rapidly increasing in size and cannot be removed surgically, it is possible to resort to radiation, or radiotherapy. To get rid of the formation in this way does not, however, to suspend its growth and to stabilize the dimensions is possible.
One of the most effective methods of treatment of hemangiomas — laser coagulation. It is good because it allows you to get rid of the hemangioma completely. The likelihood of recurrence is extremely small. However, this method cannot always be used in the treatment of a tumor in a child, in addition, to get rid of a large hemangioma with it extremely difficult.
Sometimes used to treat hemangiomas receive hormonal therapy. Most often this is prednisone. The treatment lasts about a month and if necessary can be repeated after some time. However, hormone therapy can only halt the growth of the tumor. To get rid of it completely it is not.
Widely distributed cryogenic method of treatment of hemangiomas. Excision of the mass is performed by means of liquid nitrogen. The method can be used at any age and on any area of the body. For the treatment of extensive hemangiomas may require several treatments.